introduction to nanoscale science

The Nanoscale

What is the science of the small-scale?



Strong and lightweight materials.

Omni Nano cares about students and educators

Think nano. Think Big.

Nanometer-scale science is unlocking amazing new applications in materials science, biotechnology, semiconductors and more.

It is well-known that there are major investments being made to improve STEM education around the world. In the United States, this is in part driven by a desire to preserve America's global competitiveness. In fact, it is estimated that nanotechnology will create over 5M jobs in the next decade!

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Why Omni Nano?

Nanotechnology is fundamentally changing industries, from semiconductors to medicine. So how will Omni Nano help?

Omni Nano has developed a free open-source curriculum for Educators to employ in traditional classroom settings. By equipping educators with the tools to introduce students to nanotechnology, we believe we can help cultivate the next generation of innovation.

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Dr. Marco Curreli

Executive Director

Dr. Curelli is the Executive Director and Founder of Omni Nano. Dr. Curelli founded Omni Nano in 2012 after completing his doctoral research at the University of Southern California, where he specialized in surface modifications of nanomaterials. After completing his studies, Marco dedicated himself to developing a nanotechnology curriculum to inspire the next generation of scientists.