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Find out how Omni Nano is making the difference in STEM education. 

Hitachi SEM Microscope Inspires Nanotech Students

Students enrolled in Introduction to Nanotechnology at West Los Angeles College (WLAC) took advantage of a rare opportunity to zoom into the “small world” of the micro- and nanoscales. Twelve students in today’s class had the unique opportunity to learn how to operate a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a powerful microscope used in many modern […]

Hitachi Inspires in Alhambra

It was such a pleasure to return to Alhambra High School today to speak to about 100 students about the exciting possibilities of nanotechnology. We spoke to three classrooms of competitive, smart kids studying Computer Science and Anatomy/Physiology. The Computer Science students were especially fascinated to learn about nanoelectronics and quantum computing. Check out some great […]

Hitachi Supports Nano Workshops at University High School

As one of the only high schools offering courses in nanotechnology, University High School is a diamond in the rough – and always a pleasure to visit. Currently, nanotechnology classes can only be offered every other year. Today, we inspired about 100 students across three classrooms through our Discover Nanotechnology workshops. Moving forward, we are […]

The Science Academy STEM Magnet Discovers Nanotechnology

When we first scheduled our Discover Nanotechnology workshops at The Science Academy STEM Magnet, we only planned to visit one classroom – but by the time the big day arrived, 8 classrooms were eager to participate! To accommodate the ~300 students, we presented today’s workshop in the auditorium of the North Hollywood high school for […]

Nanotechnology Inspires High-Tech Educators

The High Tech High (HTH) network of schools is infamous throughout Southern California for its high-quality, high-tech curricula. We were proud to join their science teacher cohort meeting today to let fellow educators know about all of our resources for STEM education. There was a lot of interest among HTH teachers, who envision their students tackling […]

New Student Giveaways Have Arrived!

It’s no secret that schoolchildren love giveaways and prizes. (Don’t we all?) Our super-hydrophobic cloths are no exception – in fact, they’re usually the most popular part of our Discover Nanotechnology workshops! (We commonly hear feedback like, “My favorite part about the workshop was the super-hydrophobic surfaces!”) Best of all, when students can experience nanotechnology in […]

Partnership with Hitachi Enters Third Year

The partnership between the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC) and Omni Nano that’s inspiring local students in STEM is now entering its third year. As a company on the bleeding edge of new technologies, Hitachi understands the importance of educating the next-generation workforce. By supporting Omni Nano’s Discover Nanotechnology workshops and other […]

LAUSD Adopts Omni Nano’s Digital Textbook

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is second‐largest school district in the nation, serving over half a million students each year. There has been a district‐approved nanotechnology elective course for a number of years. However, it has been difficult to instruct because there were no suitable educational materials available… until now! Enrolled LAUSD students […]

Students React to Summer Nanotechnology Institute

 A highly motivated group of students have just completed a Summer Nanotechnology Institute using Omni Nano’s digital textbook and standardized curriculum as well as NanoSchoolBox lab experiments. Eleventh-grade students at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, were in for a special treat this summer. A joint effort between chemistry […]

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mike Roco of the U.S. NSF

One of the many benefits of being a member of the NanoBCA, the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association, is the exclusive access to the biggest names in nanotechnology. This month, author Steve Waite sat down to interview Dr. Mihail “Mike” Roco, Senior Advisor for Science and Engineering with the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Steve Waite (SW): Thanks for taking […]

Our nanotechnology course offered for the 3rd time at WLAC

West Los Angeles College (Culver City, CA) has offered, this Spring semester, our nanotechnology course for the third time. This semester we expanded the hands-on activities to include a lab with an atomic force microscope (AFM). Although the class meets for just 12 sessions, students have been acquiring specific STEM skills they’ll find useful for […]

AI LA and Google Co-Host “The Future of Work” Panel

Omni Nano representatives attended “AI + The Future of Work” at Google’s Venice HQ this evening. The event, presented by AI LA (Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles), brought together a panel of AI experts and futurists to discuss how technology will impact the future work landscape. AI LA describes the event, which was live-streamed on Facebook, […]

STEM Academy Students Love Learning Nano

Friday afternoons in North Hollywood are ripe with opportunities to learn, thanks to the weekly Seminar Hour at The Science Academy STEM Magnet. During today’s seminar, Omni Nano presented our Discover Nanotechnology workshop to 70 AP Environmental Science students. It was wonderful to be surrounded by youth who are so passionate about cleaning up our environment and […]

SoCalGas Expands Partnership with Omni Nano

Omni Nano is thrilled to announce our extended partnership with SoCalGas. SoCalGas, which has been sponsoring our Discover Nanotechnology workshops since 2015, will now sponsor students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to learn nanotechnology with Omni Nano’s digital curriculum and textbook. This sponsorship will allow 200 high school students in the San Fernando […]

Science Slam Attendees Zoom into the Nanoscale with Hitachi Microscope

Omni Nano was proud to represent Hitachi at today’s Science Slam. The event drew about 250 local K-12 students and their parents to witness live STEM demos at El Segundo Elementary School. The Hitachi High Technologies America Inspire STEM Education Program provided its portable Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) along with various samples of insects and minerals. Kids […]

Hitachi Microscope Inspires WLAC Nanotech Class

Introduction to Nanotechnology students at West Los Angeles College (WLAC) had a unique opportunity in today’s class to learn how to operate a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a powerful microscope used in many modern labs. Students learned how to prepare samples, load them into a special vacuum staging area, and acquire images of their microscopic […]

CNSI Debuts Brand-New Plasmonics Lab

Exciting news! The UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) introduced a brand-new lab at this morning’s “teach-the-teachers” workshop. For the first time ever, CNSI introduced local high school science teachers to a hands-on experiment about the optical properties of plasmonic nanoparticles. Teachers learned how to synthesize gold nanoparticles of various sizes by varying the synthesis conditions. […]

Setting Records at Arleta High School

Today’s workshops at Arleta High School set not one but two records! Not only did the day include our 230th workshop, but it was also our largest day of workshops on record. About two dozen science classes attended four theater-sized workshops, allowing us to inspire over 1,000 students all in one day. Wow! A number of science teachers approached […]

Cleveland High School Chemistry Classes Get Inspired in Nano

It was a pleasure to present Discover Nanotechnology workshops to two chemistry classes today at Cleveland High School. The students who attended the afternoon presentation, who are enrolled in a bilingual chemistry class, were especially curious and lively. They were fascinated by the demonstration of super-hydrophobic, water-repellent cloth samples, and many asked insightful questions. Check out […]

Our digital textbook will be used in LAUSD classrooms.

The Los Angeles School District (LAUSD), the second-largest USD in America, has approved Omni Nano’s digital curriculum and textbook to instruct their “college preparatory course” in nanotechnology. LAUSD had a course called “Nano Tech AB” approved and listed among their “G” course (“college preparatory” courses), but it was not widely offered due to the lack […]

CNSI “Teaches the Teachers” Water Purification Using Nanoscience

Omni Nano representatives volunteered at another “teach-the-teachers” workshop today, presented by the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI). Local high school teachers learned a new lab using nanoscience to filter/purify water. Each teacher was then provided with all of the supplies needed to bring this hands-on activity into their own classrooms. It’s always an honor to work […]

CNSI Nanoscience Workshop on Biosensors

After its introduction in 2018, the biosensors lab has been proposed again. The lab activity looks at color changes as a result of conformational changes of an enzyme encapsulated in a nanohydrogel that responds to changes in acidity (pH). Approx 28 teachers participated and received a kit that included all the materials needed to perform […]

Hitachi SCRCAC Sponsors Wave of Workshops at El Segundo High School

This is Omni Nano’s 4th year presenting workshops to the science and engineering classes at El Segundo High School, thanks to sponsorship from the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC). Dr. Curreli, Executive Director of Omni Nano, commented “This year, 8 chemistry classes (approximately 260 students) actively participated in our workshops and expressed great […]

Inspiration Strikes Chemistry Classes at University High School

It’s always a pleasure to visit the enthusiastic learners at University High School. University is unique among Los Angeles high schools because it is one of the only schools that offers a full elective course in Nanotechnology. We had the honor of presenting our last workshop of 2018 to their Nanotechnology B class of 25 […]

Ferrofluids are Back at CNSI

After many years, the ferrofluids lab has returned to the CNSI! Ferrofluids are fascinating liquid nanoparticle solutions that react strongly in the presence of magnets. It was wonderful to see their return at UCLA’s teach-the-teachers workshops. Creating ferrofluids from everyday materials has always been a popular lab activity among students and teachers alike. The scientific concepts […]

Hitachi Doubles Down with Additional Support for Omni Nano Workshops

Our Discover Nanotechnology workshops are in such a high demand that Hitachi awarded Omni Nano a supplemental sponsorship, effectively doubling the number of workshops we could deliver under their support. We are particularly grateful to the Inspire STEM Education Program of Hitachi High Technologies America for providing a portable Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for our workshop participants to utilize. […]

Southern California Edison Continues to Inspire

Southern California Edison continues to lead the way in corporate responsibility. For the fifth year in a row, they have awarded Omni Nano with sponsorship to provide motivational STEM workshops to schools in Edison communities in the San Gabriel Valley. Our workshops have been very popular and we are excited to inspire even more local […]

Omni Nano Teams Up with University of Colorado for Google Marketing Challenge

Google coordinated a project between Omni Nano and Master’s students at the University of Colorado Boulder to improve our digital marketing campaign while honing students’ advertising skills. Through the Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge, Omni Nano was paired with a diverse team of talented graduate students. The teams from CU and Omni Nano worked collaboratively to […]

Omni Nano Has Been Challenged! All Donations in 2018 Matched Dollar-for-Dollar

We are thrilled to announce that we have been challenged to raise $100,000 by the end of the year.  There has never been a better or more urgent time to support our mission! A private foundation is matching all donations received through December 31, 2018.  That means every dollar you donate will be doubled! But hurry: with such […]

Another Year Inspiring at the Adelante Young Men Conference

Omni Nano is proud to have attended the Adelante! Young Men (AYM) Conference as a speaker for the fifth consecutive year. The annual conference brings over 2,000 boys and young men together with professional males to serve as real-life role models. AYM draws a diverse crowd with a focus on Latino youth and professionals. This year, […]

Over 1,000 Students Learning Nano Online

We are so honored to have over 1,000 students enrolled in our online STEM courses! Students from all over the world are engaged and excited to learn nanotechnology through our fun, free classes. Most learners in our English course are located in the United States and India, while our Spanish course has a strong attraction […]

Busy Preparing our High-Tech Student Giveaways

  Omni Nano volunteers have been busy preparing new super-hydrophobic cloth samples, one of our popular workshop giveaways for students. Although the tiles look like typical pieces of cotton cloth, they are actually super water-resistant. Instead of soaking into the material, water beads up on their surface, unable to penetrate. No wonder they’re such a […]

High School Teachers Learn About Nanoscale Control of Wetting

We are always grateful to participate in the “teach-the-teachers” workshop series at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Each workshop gives local high school teachers all the tools they need to introduce nanotechnology labs in their science classrooms. The program is free for educators and relies on volunteers […]

Hitachi Developing Humanoid Robots as School Aides

Hitachi is developing humanoid robots that could aid in routine tasks at K-12 schools. The EMIEW3 (or “Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate”) can potentially mark attendance, patrol hallways, and even help tutor students. Based on Hitachi’s AI and other technologies, the prototype of EMIEW3 is auto-piloted, speaks, and uses cameras and other sensors for […]

Omni Nano at the USC Family Office Symposium

Omni Nano has been honored to attend the annual USC Family Office Symposium, now in its third year, since its inception. This symposium is an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and mentors in philanthropy. Omni Nano offers a unique opportunity for philanthropists to leave a legacy that will inspire millions of students to come. […]

First Nanoscience Workshop of the Year at CNSI

Each year, the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) hosts a “teach the teachers” program. This free program provides science teachers with all of the resources they need to provide their students with exciting and fun nanotechnology-based lab activities. Our founder, Dr. Marco Curreli, always has a wonderful time volunteering […]

Partnership with Hitachi Brings Electron Microscope to Valencia High

Omni Nano is proud to announce our new collaboration with Hitachi, which will bring a powerful scanning electron microscope (SEM) into high schools’ classrooms, providing students with the rare opportunity to explore the world at the nanoscale. We started today at Valencia High School. Over the next several weeks, students in Valencia High’s nanochemistry classes will […]

New Workshops with LEGO-Inspired DIY Microscopes

Omni Nano is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Denmark-based microscopy company, Strømlinet Nano, a spin-off from the LEGO Foundation’s LEGO2NANO project. The LEGO2NANO project and Strømlinet Nano promote nanotechnology education by redefining play and re-imagining learning. The company produces LEGO-style, do-it-yourself (DIY) probe microscopes that can produce images of atomic surfaces, making it the most cost-effective nano-imaging tool in the […]

Back at Valencia High and Better than Ever!

It’s always a pleasure to return to Valencia High School, which is one of the few high schools in the nation to offer courses in nanochemistry. Students are so “hungry” for nano that the classes are at maximum capacity! Through our partnership with Hitachi, we provided 90 more Valencia High students with the opportunity to […]

SoCalGas Continues to Support STEM Education

Thanks to our continued partnership with SoCalGas, Omni Nano will bring more STEM education to students of the San Fernando Valley. We are proud to be one of the few STEM guest speakers servicing Valley-area high schools, thanks to support from SoCalGas. As this is our third time partnering with SoCalGas, we can already anticipate that the […]

Omni Nano Recognized as Top Charity Accepting Bitcoin

At Omni Nano, we don’t just teach modern tech; we use it ourselves! Since our infancy we have been accepting cryptocurrency donations and we are thrilled to have been recognized in the news as a top bitcoin-accepting charity. So what is a cryptocurrency? It’s a digital form of cash that is securely decentralized, meaning it’s […]

Nanoscience Institute Workshop Calendar Released

It’s the beginning of a brand new school year, which means the Nanoscience Institute is back! This free program is going on its 15th year providing science teachers with all of the resources they need to introduce their students to nanotechnology with exciting and fun lab activities. We are excited for all of these labs, […]

Continued Partnership with Hitachi

We are proud to continue our partnership with Hitachi to bring more STEM education to schools that otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology. Last year with Hitachi’s sponsorship, Omni Nano offered seven workshops at El Segundo High School. This year, we look forward to expanding our reach and working with other […]

Free Online Class Now Available in Spanish!

Omni Nano is proud to announce the launch of our second free online course! Now, half a billion new students in the Spanish-speaking world have access to nanotechnology at their fingertips. “Introducción a la nanotecnología” is the Spanish-language version of our popular MOOC (massive open online course), “Introduction to Nanotechnology.” Learn how you can help […]

Omni Nano Presents Digital Nanotechnology Textbook at HI-TEC

Omni Nano was invited to speak at the NSF-sponsored High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC), as part of the Micro & Nano Technology Education Special Interest Group (MNTeSIG). The MNTeSIG is a national leader in nanotechnology education, and it was an honor to be able to update the nano-education community about all of our exciting progress. […]

Welcome July Rincón to the Omni Nano Team

Please help us welcome Omni Nano’s newest team member, July Rincón! July is a bilingual Chemical Engineer from Colombia currently studying in Canada. As both the translator and the primary instructor for the Spanish-language version of our “Introduction to Nanotechnology” MOOC, July is “double trouble.” Although the bulk of our course translation is done with our proprietary […]

A Big Day of Nano at the 17th Annual NanoBCA Conference

It was a honor to speak for the fifth year in a row at today’s annual conference of the NanoBusiness Commericialization Association (NanoBCA). Being the only nonprofit organization with nanotechnology educational programs for high school and community college audiences, it is important for Omni Nano to regularly share the progress of our digital courses and online […]

Presenting at the 2018 Digital Media Educators Conference

The annual Digital Media Educators Conference (DMEC) brings together community college professors from all over California on a common mission to add the latest developed tools to their teaching toolboxes. The DMEC highlights the importance of moving toward digital learning platforms to keep up with current and future demand. By 2025, the world’s population will […]

Nano Inspiration Strikes UCLA’s Geffen Academy

Today’s workshops at Geffen Academy at UCLA were filled with pleasant surprises. We presented four workshops to a total of about 80 sixth-graders. Despite their young age, all of the students were fully engaged in the workshop and many asked quite insightful questions far beyond their years. The Academy’s mission to provide an inclusive, challenging college-preparatory […]

Fourth Year of Northrop Grumman Partnership

We are honored to continue working with Northrop Grumman to bring more STEM education to the schools in their communities, including El Segundo and Redondo Beach. This is the fourth year of our partnership and we are so grateful for the opportunities that Northrop Grumman’s continued sponsorship will provide for local students. Most careers in […]

Inspiring Future Engineers at PCC

This afternoon, Omni Nano had the pleasure of presenting a Discover Nanotechnology workshop at Pasadena City College (PCC), which has been ranked as the top community college in California and one of the top 10 in the nation. After introducing a classroom of 20 Introduction to Engineering students to the fundamentals of nanoscience and nanoengineering, […]

Another New Lab: Glucose Biosensors

Today’s “teach-the-teachers” workshop introduced another new lab to the curriculum.  We used a nano-sized bead of gel to create a device that can sense the molecule glucose. Amazing! Before lunch, Dr. Sanaz Pilehvar treated us to a great summary of the nanobiosensor research currently happening at UCLA.  As this was the focus of my Ph.D. thesis, […]

Alhambra High School Can’t Get Enough Nano

It’s always a pleasure to deliver workshops at Alhambra High School. Today, we presented three workshops to 90 students in Anatomy and Environmental Science classes. The students were particularly interested in how nanotechnology will impact the field of medicine. We are grateful to Edison for their continued support of these local workshops!

WLAC Nano Class Ends With a Bang!

Time for some bittersweet news! This semester’s Introduction to Nanotechnology class at West Los Angeles College (WLAC) has come to a close. Overall, the class did very well and was inspired to continue their nanotechnology/STEM education. It has been forecasted that nanotechnology will become a trillion-dollar industry and provide millions of well-paying jobs within the next couple […]

Happy 100th Birthday to the Father of Nanotech!

Happy 100th birthday to Richard Feynman! The “Father of Nanotechnology” was born on this date in 1918, though the lessons he taught the world are timeless. Besides being a brilliant physicist and Nobel laureate, Feynman was constantly curious about the natural world about him. He was fascinated by ant trails, played the bongo drums, and was skilled at […]

Hitachi Brings Unique STEM Experience to WLAC Students

Through a collaboration with the Hitachi Inspire STEM Education Program, Omni Nano’s Introduction to Nanotechnology students at West Los Angeles College (WLAC) were able to add an important skill to their résumé: operating a scanning electron microscope (SEM). We’re so glad WLAC President, Dr. Jim Limbaugh, had a chance to stop by and see this one-of-a-kind collaboration with […]

Speaking at the 2018 HI-TEC Conference in Miami

For the second year in a row, Omni Nano has been sponsored to participate in the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC). This NSF-sponsored national conference on advanced technological education invites secondary and post-secondary educators, counselors, industry professionals, trade organizations, and technicians to update their knowledge and skills. This year, HI-TEC is turning up the heat: […]

WLAC Students Visit USC-CEMMA, Tour Microscope Center

Nanotechnology students from WLAC visiting the USC-CEMMA. Here, students discuss sample imaging with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with graduate students.   This afternoon, Introduction to Nanotechnology students from West Los Angeles College (WLAC) had the opportunity to examine advanced microscopes up close and personal at the Center for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis (CEMMA) at the University […]

AFP Luncheon: Insigths from the Wells Fargo Foundation

Omni Nano had the pleasure of attending a luncheon hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). It’s always so empowering to be surrounded by like-minded organizations devoted to improving our communities! We were especially inspired by the Wells Fargo Foundation, which shares a mutual goal with Omni Nano to promote economic and workforce development through […]

Omni Nano to Present Again at NanoBCA Conference

Omni Nano got some great news in our inbox today! For the fifth year in a row, we have been invited to participate in the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA)’s Annual Conference. We look forward to sharing Omni Nano’s progress with industry leaders in the nanotech community as well as representatives from our federal government. And […]

Looking Forward to Digital Media and Business Educators Conference

Omni Nano is looking forward to attending and presenting at the Digital Media and Business Educators Conference this June. Every year, this statewide conference brings together about 400 professionals across the digital spectra of both academia and industry, and we’re excited to be a part of it this year! Check out the abstract for our presentation below. For […]

Riverside Youth Discover Nanotechnology

Today, for the fourth year in a row, Omni Nano presented our fun and popular Discover Nanotechnology workshops at the annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference hosted by UC Riverside. Hundreds of local high school students poured in for academic and personal inspiration, and we were honored to be able to meet and reach out to over 150 of […]

Renewed Support from Northrop Grumman

As one of the top aerospace/defense companies, Northrop Grumman understands how important it is for Americans to be invested in their own STEM education. To ensure national security, much of their workforce must be US citizens — and at Omni Nano, we work hard every day to ensure that more and more Americans are exposed […]

It’s RAINing SEM at WLAC!

Omni Nano’s Introduction to Nanotechnology course at West Los Angeles College (WLAC) is still going strong. This week, students were able to remotely access a scanning electron microscope (SEM) at Pennsylvania State University (AKA Penn State). Penn State’s unique program, Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology (RAIN), allowed a dozen students in Los Angeles, CA, to inspect […]

Impressive Impact – 7,000+ Students, Just the Beginning!

Omni Nano is excited to share the progress we have made presenting our Discover Nanotechnology workshops with High School students in the greater Los Angeles area. From innercity Los Angeles, San Fernando to San Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita to the South Bay, we have presented over 200 workshops to over 7,000+ inquisitive minds. We are […]

CNSI: New Lab Alert!

This month’s “teach-the-teachers” workshop at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute was extra special because it introduced a brand new lab. How exciting! We focused on measurements at the nanoscale utilizing light diffraction. As usual, we used commonly sourced, inexpensive materials to reach high-tech results. I’m looking forward to implementing more new labs in the years to come!

“I liked learning about all the amazing uses of Nanotechnology.”

Omni Nano recently presented 4 workshops to a total 140 students at Da Vinci Schools in El Segundo, CA. Special thanks to our partner, Northrop Grumman, for giving these students the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology. The students were actively engaged and provided positive feedback. When asked what the students liked best, their responses included: […]

The Largest Internet Company of 2030 Will Be an Online School

According to futurist Thomas Frey, “by 2030 it’ll be a big deal when students learn from robot teachers over the internet.” Dr. Marco Curreli, Founder and Executive Director of Omni Nano, couldn’t agree more. Omni Nano was founded on the sole principle that nanotechnology education was not available to students at a high school level […]

Omni Nano Online – 500 Students Enrolled

Our first free massive open online course (MOOC) continues to attract new students, we are happy to report that after two months, we have over 500 engaged learners discovering nanotechnology through our platform. Although this course is designed for a high school audience, it is open to everyone. Learners of all ages from around the […]

Samueli Academy Aces Nanotechnology

Omni Nano always enjoys sharing Nanotechnology with the students of Samueli Academy. The Academy focuses on a “whole” student learning environment and are also using Omni Nano’s course curriculum through Canvas (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course). The Academy is a great example of bringing 21st Century Science Standards into the classroom. Thank you, Nino […]

Downtown Magnets High School Students Mesmerized

  Downtown Magnets High School hosted four workshops over two days, introducing a total of 120 students to Nanotechnology. Mr. Lee and Dr. Curreli met through UCLA’s CNSI workshops and were excited to share Omni Nano’s Introduction to Nanotechnology Workshop with Magnets. Students were amazed to learn about the intricacies of nanotechnology’s use in invisibility […]

Teaching the Teachers About Solar Cells

Omni Nano was proud to once again join the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA in a “teach-the-teachers” workshop weekend. This Saturday’s workshop focused on a fun household chemistry project: we made solar cells out of simple chemical ingredients! Over 20 local teachers participated and are eager to bring this exciting lab into their classrooms. As […]

GuideStar Recognizes Omni Nano’s Commitment to Transparency

For the third year in a row, Omni Nano has been recognized as a GuideStar Platinum member for our commitment to organizational transparency. GuideStar encourages charitable giving by facilitating transparency among non-profit organizations. Our Platinum status puts us in the top 0.5% of non-profits, proving that we are indeed an open book. Click here to view our […]

Over 200 Engaged Online Learners

Exactly four weeks after our first free massive open online course (MOOC) went live, we are happy to report that we have over 200 engaged learners discovering nanotechnology through our platform. Although this course is designed for a high school audience, it is open to everyone – and our roster shows it. Learners of all […]

Free Online “Introduction to Nanotechnology” Class Available Now!

Omni Nano is thrilled to announce that we have launched our first free online class! “Introduction to Nanotechnology” is a short, self-paced course introducing the fundamentals of nanotechnology, including how it works, what its applications are, and how to continue your journey from nanotechnology education to professional career. This MOOC (massive open online course) is hosted […]

CNSI High School Teacher Training: Photolithography

Omni Nano is proud to have been a part of another teacher training workshop today at the California NanoSystems Insitute (CNSI) at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Over 20 local high school teachers participated in the hands-on, interactive “Photolithography” workshop, which was all about writing patterns with light. As with all CNSI training […]

“Beautiful View; Magnificent Desolation” – Happy Birthday, Buzz Aldrin!

It was an incredible honor to meet Buzz Aldrin, one of the three astronauts who pioneered space exploration by landing the Apollo 11 on the moon on July 20, 1969. Just before planting the American flag on the lunar surface and saluting it, Buzz famously commented, “Beautiful view; magnificent desolation,” referring to the awesome view […]

Edison Renews Support for STEM Education

As one of America’s largest energy companies, Southern California Edison has a deep understanding of the value of a well-trained STEM workforce. That’s why they’ve renewed their support for Omni Nano for the fourth year in a row. This year, their sponsorship will bring our fun, interactive nanotechnology workshops to high schools across the San […]

CNSI Water Workshop: Improving Lives

California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) continued their 2017 teacher training workshops with the most recent focusing on water purification methods. Worldwide, every 90 seconds a child dies from from a water related disease.* Now, more than ever, nanotechnology applications are needed to ensure the availability of clean, safe water for everyone. About 20 teachers from the […]

Omni Nano Attends the NSF’s Grantees in Nanotechnology Conference

Omni Nano had the pleasure of attending this week’s Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantees: Progress in Nanotechnology Conference presented by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Virginia.  This year’s conference focused on the nanotechnology of both today and tomorrow, with some panels summarizing the status of modern nanotechnology and others forecasting the future of […]

Elementary of Nanotech

Children at birth are natural scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers. Recent research has recommended that every effort should be made to engage students in STEM education as soon as they enter elementary school. Studies have identified the elementary years as the period when students form their interests in STEM identities and careers, earlier than many people probably […]

Northrop Grumman Helps Inspire 280 Students

 With sponsorship provided by Northrop Grumman, 280 students at Bright Star Charter Academy and San Pedro High School were inspired by Omni Nano’s Discover Nanotechnology workshops. One of the highlights of the workshops were the super-hydrophobic cloths that students could win by answering questions correctly. The video above shows one of these student winners experiencing nanotechnology […]

Lakeview Charter High – NanoTech Enthusiasm

Thanks to the sponsorship of SoCalGas, Omni Nano presented 5 workshops at Lakeview Charter School to about 100 students. We received some fantastic feedback from some of the students: “What I learned is nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on atomic and molecular scales.” “My favorite thing was understanding the importance of nanotechnology and how MUCH […]

San Pedro High School Discovers Nanotechnology

Omni Nano hosted a special series of four workshops for 140 students today at San Pedro High School. What made these workshops so special? The hosting teacher, Mrs. Gina Napolitano, and one of her students, Kaiden, are on the Omni Nano team! (Gina was our former Operations Manager and Kaiden is a long-time volunteer.) We had […]

Omni Nano at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences

Today, with the generous support of SoCalGas, Omni Nano presented our Discover Nanotechnology workshops to 160 students at the Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences in Granada Hills, CA. Our STEM workshops are a fun, interactive way to introduce high school students to the cutting-edge science of nanotechnology and to inspire them to pursue an […]

Bright Star Students: “I Loved Everything About the Workshop”

With the generous support of Northrop Grumman, Omni Nano presented four workshops to a total of 140 students today at Bright Star Charter Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Many participants expressed keen interest in the medical applications of nanotechnology, such as targeted drug delivery to kill cancer cells while retaining healthy cells. One student remarked, “[I […]

Thank You, Hitachi!

  Thanks to sponsorship from the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee, Omni Nano was able to expose another 250 students to the exciting science of nanotechnology. Due to high demand, all of these sponsored workshops were presented at El Segundo High School in El Segundo, CA. This was our first grant form Hitachi […]

CNSI Workshop: Nanoscale Control of Wetting

On November 18th, CNSI High School Nanoscience Workshop focused on Nanoscale Control of Wetting. Participants engaged in the use of superhydrophobic materials, both in their natural and man made states. Hands-on experiments were taught and explained step-by-step, so teachers can recreate activities in their classroom. Teachers were given materials and supplies to take with them to perform […]

100 More Local Students Get Excited about Nano!

Today, we went returned to El Segundo High School for a second day this week to provide an additional three Discover Nanotechnology workshops to over 100 students. We are grateful for the generous support of the Hitachi Company’s Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC)! El Segundo High School has expressed strong interest in bringing Omni […]

A Huge Vote of Confidence!

Omni Nano is excited to share the good news with all of you and we are filled with confidence! Thank you to all of our friends, colleagues, and benefactors who made our Confidence Challenge a huge success. And a special thanks to the Confidence Foundation for matching all of our donors’ dollar for dollar. With […]

Hitachi Sponsors Workshops in El Segundo

This morning, Omni Nano educators headed to El Segundo High School to present four back-to-back Discover Nanotechnology workshops to over 140 students, thanks to the generous support of the Hitachi Company through their Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC). The students were captivated by the popular workshop, engaged by the connections they saw between the […]

SoCalGas Sponsors More Discover Nanotechnology Workshops

Omni Nano is honored to have the continued support of SoCalGas. Their sponsorship allows Omni Nano to present 10 Discover Nanotechnology workshops in high schools within the San Fernando Valley. “We expect to inspire at least 600 students who have probably never heard of nanotechnology. These workshops are an effective tool to help students understand […]

Confidence Foundation Grant Awarded to Omni Nano

Omni Nano is honored to be awarded a grant by the Confidence Foundation. “This milestone, accomplished by Omni Nano and our supporters, will allow us to take our mission to the next level and finalize our digital curriculum. I’m encouraged and excited for our continued progress in nanotechnology education! We look forward to a thriving relationship […]

New Series of 30+ Workshops – New Opportunities

Omni Nano is excited for our upcoming workshop series, thanks to the support of corporate sponsors like: Hitachi, Northrop Grumman, and So Cal Gas. “Educating young people about the exciting world of nanotechnology is our mission and we are so grateful to our corporate sponsors who help make this a reality,” Dr. Marco Curreli, Executive […]

Thank you NanoBCA members for supporting Education

Omni Nano is thankful to be a part of the NanoBCA community – and we are especially grateful for the fellow members who helped support nanotechnology education by making a donation toward our recent challenge/matching grant. The partnership you share with Omni Nano in bringing nanotechnology education into more schools, allows our community to make […]

Megan: “I have truly fallen in love with engineering”

I’m Megan Lee. I’m a 12th grader at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. “Since volunteering at Omni nano I have been able to to gain insight into the new discoveries and advancements in science. Volunteering has given me a broader view into all the STEM fields, but I have truly fallen in love […]

CNSI High School Teacher Training: Supercapacitors

Omni Nano proudly volunteered for the CNSI teacher training workshop on October 28, 2017. Over 20 high school teachers from the Greater Los Angeles Area participated in the workshop for the Nanoscience Program at UCLA California NanoSystems Institute on “supercapacitors.” Supercapacitors are a hybrid concept between a battery and a capacitor. These devices store charges/energy […]

4th Year at the Adelante Young Men Conference

For the fourth consecutive year, Dr. Marco Curreli of Omni Nano presented at the Adelante! Young Men Conference. Dr. Curreli’s workshop, titled Nanotechnology: You and Your Future, highlighted the revolutionary advancements that are being made through Nanotechnology within numerous industries. AYM provides young men with tools for personal and professional growth, challenge them to raise […]

Legacy Property Series’ First Event: The Culver Hotel

We were honored to have been included in the audience of the premiere event of the Legacy Property Series at the Culver Hotel in Culver City, CA. The event was hosted by Drs. Carolyn Friend and Jamie Weiner of Inheriting Wisdom and Jeff Gould of Lineage Asset Advisors, featuring special guest Maya Mallick (owner of The […]

National Nanotechnology Day & Bresee Youth Center

October 9th was National Nanotechnology Day and Omni Nano went to the Bresee Youth Center to share the exciting applications that are available through nanotechnology. Dr. Curreli commented: “It’s always a pleasure to offer my workshops at Bresee. My first workshop here was in 2014 and then I volunteered to teach a class on Friday […]

Omni Nano has a new sponsor: Nanotronics!

We have a new sponsor: Nanotronics! Nanotronics is an innovative nanotechnology company based in New York. Nanotronics combines optical microscopy, computational super-resolution, artificial intelligence, and robotics, offering the world’s most advanced microscopes to numerous manufacturing sectors. Dr. Curreli says that “Nanotronics is an ideal partner for Omni Nano. They are an advanced nanotech company that […]

1st Nanoscience Workshop of 2017-18 CNSI: Biotoxicity

Omni Nano is excited to be volunteering at CNSI/UCLA Nanoscience teacher training for the fourth consecutive year. The first workshop of the series focused on “Biotoxicity,” teachers were given materials to show how certain nanoparticles have anti-bacterial/anti-microbrial properties. Each participating teacher received materials and supplies to take home to perform the lab activity in their classrooms! […]

Hitachi Cares Through Community Action Committee

Omni Nano is proud to announce our new partner, Hitachi, through their Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC). Hitachi’s founder Namihei Odaira abided by a slogan that remains posted at the first Hitachi Factory site: “The most important value is to live and work in harmony.” When Omni Nano teaches students about the real world […]

CNSI NanoScience Workshop Schedule

Omni Nano wants to share the CNSI NanoScience Teacher Workshops 2017-2018 schedule with you. Omni Nano was created to reach an underserved population of nanotech students and teachers. It’s great to know that the CNSI is also focusing on this important mission. View the labs schedule directly on the CNSI’s website:  https://cnsi.ucla.edu/schedule-2017-18/ “It’s great to see […]

Wells Bring Hope – Wells Spring Education

Omni Nano supports Wells Bring Hope, an organization that drills water wells in the poorest country on Earth: Niger. In developing nations young girls are impacted the greatest because they are the water bearers for their families. They have had to forego their education in order to spend hours a day collecting unsafe water for their […]

Valencia High School student: “I can think of millions of possibilities”

Omni Nano held its annual nanotechnology workshop at Valencia High School this morning, sponsored by the Gamma Alloys Community Service Program.  Gamma Alloys develops ultra-strong, lightweight alloy materials that have the potentials to disrupt the aerospace, automotive, and many other niche industries. Not only did students receive a hands-on presentation about nanotechnology, but they also held a […]

The challenge of defining nanotechnology to a broad audience

  We are often asked to define nanotechnology by people who perhaps took a science class 20+ years ago, and this has proven to be a challenging task. One frequent problem is that people may have heard the term ‘nano’ but never understood its true meaning. Omni Nano has created a practical approach to define […]

Omni Nano makes the Top 50!

  Omni Nano was informed today that we have been named one of the Top 50 Nanotechnology Blogs on the web, by Feedspot. This is no small accomplishment and we are excited to share this news with you! “I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Omni Nano has been selected by our […]

GOALS for Girls – No Limits in Nano!

Today, Omni Nano presented its online version of “Discover Nanotechnology” to 25 young women visiting Nanotronics, as part of the “GOALS for Girls” program at the Intrepid Museum (NY). GOALS for Girls are year-round programs that include internships, weekend forums, and the GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive program, offering female students, their families, and their […]

You won’t believe how much your finances rely on STEM!

Even if you have no personal interest in a STEM career, know that your daily financial life is highly impacted by STEM research and applications. Don’t believe us? Check out how the banking and finance industry heavily relies on science, technology, engineering, and math! Have you noticed the changing face of American money? Anti-counterfeiting security […]

Fall 2017 at UCLA – Introduction to Nanotechnology

We are excited to be returning for the Fall 2017 session at UCLA! Based on the success of our Fall 2016 class, Introduction to Nanotechnology is available again for students from all walks of life. Our mission to expand the understanding of Nanotechnology and its applications within our every day lives, continues to evolve through […]

Is this all we have to teach nanotechnology in high school?

At Omni Nano, we have been developing educational resources specifically designed to teach nanotechnology at the high school level. We’ve been searching for textbooks that teach nanotech to 11th and 12th graders, and this is all we have found?! While there are a number of books that speak to the subject, none are suitable to […]

Nanotechnology Education Workshops Featured at HI-TEC Conference

This week, Omni Nano was invited to attend the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) in Utah, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program.  The 4-day conference included several workshops focused on nanotechnology education in which we were delighted to participate.   Monday kicked off with the invitation-only Critical Issues and […]

We Have Been Challenged!!

Omni Nano has received a “next level” opportunity through a Challenge Grant, in the amount of $25,000, from the Confidence Foundation (Whittier Trust Family Office). This grant will enable us to expand our outreach and inspire more students!! While the deadline for this Challenge is October 2017, the Confidence Foundation will fund Omni Nano as […]

TED Talks – No Subject Too Small

TED Talks have created the unique opportunity to expand our knowledge of the human experience and the way we impact the world and the universe we are a part of.  More and more Talks are available to educate the masses on Nanotechnology and its numerous applications, ranging from highly targeted cancer treatments, water purification systems […]

Engaging With Visionary Entrepreneurs

Dr. Marco had the opportunity to be inspired and challenged at METal’s weekly presentation with featured guest John Paul DeJoria. The twice homeless, entrepreneur and billionaire has found success through producing high quality consumer products (food and beverage, personal care and technology), while being a responsible steward of the environment. His personal motto is “Success Unshared […]

Northrop Grumman Hands-On Engineering Info Fair

Omni Nano presented at Northrop Grumman’s annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” at the Hands-On Engineering Info Fair on June 23, 2017. This year over 800 children, ranging from elementary to seniors in high school, registered to participate with their parents. We were excited to have one of our top youth ambassadors […]

Highlights from the 2017 NanoBCA Conference

  The 16th Annual Conference of the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association Conference (NanoBCA) just took place (June 15, 2017) at the law firm K&L Gates in Washington, DC. Dr. Marco Curreli, Executive Director of Omni Nano and Director of Nanotechnology Research at Gamma Alloys, moderated the entire event and updated the nanotech business community on the […]

Students Participate in Nanotech Workshop at Heritage Christian School

Students at the Heritage Christian High School in North Hills, California, took part in our hands on nanoscience workshop today. Students learned about the super repellent cloth coated in nanoparticles, and it was highly popular. These students enjoyed testing out the cloth for themselves, and learned about the many uses for nanotechnology! We hope we inspired […]

Omni Nano Teaches First Nanotechnology Course at West LA College

Omni Nano is happy to have concluded teaching our first Introduction to Nanotechnology course at the West LA College. Students were highly engage and learned a lot about Nanoscience and its applications. In addition, the course was hands-on interactive, and we did experiments throughout the course for the students to get a better understanding of […]

Omni Nano Inspires STEM Students at Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference

It’s now becoming an annual event to present our nanotechnology workshops at the Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference, hosted at the University of California Riverside. This year, it was the 28th year of the conference. We offered two workshops to underrepresented students interested in STEM. We had a great attendance and students were excited to receive […]

Omni Nano Goes Platinum on GuideStar NonProfit!

Omni Nano is excited to announced that we have achieved a Platinum Level GuideStar Nonprofit profile. This means our profile is up to date and is transparent in our goals and finances; Omni Nano’s information will reach the 7+ million annual visitors and more than 180 sites and applications that use GuideStar. This also means […]

Omni Nano Volunteers at Last CNSI Nanoscience Workshop for School Year

Omni Nano participated at the last CNSI High School Nanoscience workshop for teachers this past week at the University of California Los Angeles California NanoSystems Institute. Here, teachers were taught nanoscience experiments to integrate into their science curricula, to help enrich their STEM students’ education and garner interest in new topics in science. It was […]

Northrop Grumman Renews Support for Nanoscience

At Omni Nano, we are very excited that Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) continues to support our nanoscience programs, and thus STEM programs in the schools of our communities, by renewing their annual Corporate Grant. We are happy that we can continue to bring exciting and interactive workshops to students interested in STEM and expose them […]

Received the Highly Popular Water-Repelling Samples from Ultra Tech

Omni Nano would like to thank Ultra Tech International for always supporting our workshops and always inspiring kids through their highly popular nanotech-coated samples. Today we have received these superhydrophobic fabric that we will be giving away at the 28th Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference at the University of California Riverside on April 29, 2017! The students always […]

Omni Nano Will Present at NanoBCA Conference in DC!

Omni Nano is excited to return to the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association’s (NanoBCA) 16th Annual Conference in Washington DC on June 15, 2017! We will be presenting in the afternoon schedule and are honored to be listed as presenters along with various Nanotech companies. Omni Nano will be interacting with leaders of the Nanotechnology industry and […]

Omni Nano Interview as an Expert in Future Education by Exponential Investor

Omni Nano was interviewed by the Exponential Investor as an expert in future education. We were delighted to talk about future careers and jobs that this generation of STEM students will be able to create and maintain. We are excited that our Nanoscience curriculum and online programs will aid and revolutionize the future of STEM education […]

Omni Nano Sparks Student Interest in Nanotech before Spring Course

Omni Nano brought its Discover Nanoscience workshop to West LA College just a few weeks before starting a formal pilot course. This workshop was designed to expose potential students who are interested in STEM to Nanotechnology, and we hope they will be inspired to enroll in the course to learn more about Nanotechnology and how it can […]

Students Taking Nanoquizzes are Enjoying Omni Nano’s Gadgets

An engaging part of our workshop is the “nano quiz,” where students have fun answering questions related to the topics presented during the workshop. Often times, the hosting teachers give students extra credit points for taking our quiz. Our education team then grades the quizzes and submit the scores to the hosting teachers. Every 30 […]

Preparing Leaders in STEM: Don Bosco Tech Learns Nanotech

Today, Omni Nano hosted a Nanotechnology workshop at the Don Bosco Technical High School, a school that aims to develop and prepare students to be leaders in STEM. The students participated in the usual hands-on interactive demos, and learned about how nanoscience is applied and how it is important. This dynamic learning approach is a […]

STEM Teachers Learn about “Nano” Water Filtration

At this past CNSI High School Nanoscience Program workshop at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA in Los Angeles, high school science teachers from the Greater Los Angeles Area learned about “nano” water filtration, giving them more tools to add to their curriculum for better student preparation for jobs and careers in nanotechnology. At the […]

nanoHUB’s Provides New Tools to Enrich Nanotech Curricula

nanoHUB visited Pasadena City College, in Pasadena, CA, to train a group of community college teachers on variety of nanotechnology simulation tools they have available on their website. These tools are useful for a dynamic learning approach by modeling the behavior of and the visualization of the properties of nanomaterials. Omni Nano participated in this […]

Bright Future for Students at STEM Hub Business-Education Partnerships Summit

Today, Omni Nano attended the L.A. Regional STEM Hub Business-Education Partnerships Summit, that was hosted in partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, CA. The STEM Hub aims to strengthen schools and the future of STEM students by supporting business-education […]

Nanotech Online Course at UCLA Extension for Spring 2017

Omni Nano Director and Founder Dr. Marco Curreli will be teaching a UCLA Extension Online Course in Spring 2017 called “Introduction to Nanotechnology.” The course will be focused on the fundamental scientific principles of nanomaterials and discuss how these nanomaterials can be engineered and used in functional devices and products for consumers. The curriculum has […]

K-12 STEM Teachers Learn about Biotoxicity in Nanotech

At todays UCLA/CNSI High School Nanoscience Program workshop, teachers from high schools from the Greater Los Angeles Area participated in this workshop on “Biotoxicity,” where they were able to get hands on experience and learn the resources to effectively teach this topic to their students. This workshop at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA in Los […]

STEM Students Learn About Nanoscience at MSCP High School

Today we offered our Nanotechnology Workshop at the Math and Science College Preparatory (MSCP) High School in Los Angeles. About 25 students attended and had hands-on learning experience with demonstrations. They also learned about how Nanotechnology can be applied to medicine and everyday life. The addition of nanotechnology curriculum can enrich students’ education and spark […]

ACS-Approved Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry now include Nanoscience Training

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Professional Training has approved new Guidelines and Evaluation Procedures for ACS approved bachelor’s degree programs in Chemistry to now require instruction on additional areas, including synthetic polymers, biological macromolecules, supramolecular aggregates, and mesoscale or nanoscale materials. Student exposure to variety of topics including nanoscale materials adds to the […]

STEM Group at West Angeles Church Learns about Nanotech

Omni Nano was recently invited to present nanotechnology to the STEM program at the West Angeles Church in Los Angeles. The audience was a mix of kids and parents, ranging all ages. This workshop explained nanotechnology is and its importance, and everyone was eager to learn more. They had a lot of questions about the application […]

Nanotech “Could Make the World into a Much Safer Place in the Future”

Today, Omni Nano gave a Nanotechnology Workshop at the Oxford Academy in the Greater Los Angeles Area to about 25 students. These students learned about applications of nanotechnology and also took part in demonstrations that allowed for innovative, creative, independent thinking and active learning. Here is what some of the students had to say about […]

Illuminating the STEM Future: Writing Patterns With Light

This past weekend, about 20 teachers from the Los Angeles Area learned about “Writing Patterns with Light,” a hands-on and interactive workshop as a part of the UCLA/CNSI High School Nanoscience Program at the California NanoSystems Insitute at UCLA in Los Angeles. Teachers were taught and trained to use light to generate patterns. As usual […]

2016 Nominee at the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards

The Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards in Los Angeles is always a great venue to learn more about the innovative work going on in the Los Angeles Area, from Dr. Pat’s family of companies, NantWorks, to many other emerging businesses. It was a honor to be finalist for two years in a row, in 2014 and […]

Omni Nano Presents Nanotechnology at Adelante Young Men Conference

Omni Nano presented an interactive workshop for the 2016 Adelante Young Men Conference in Pasadena, CA. About 70-80 young men in middle and high school from diverse backgrounds took part in the workshop to learn about nanotechnology and its importance and appplication, along with other educational workshops to enhance their educational experiences and inspire their […]

Creating Super-Water-Repelling Surfaces – A Super Nanotech Workshop

In this weeks Nanotechnology workshop as a part of the UCLA/CNSI High School Nanoscience Program at the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute in Los Angeles, Science teachers learned about creating “Super-Water-Repelling Surfaces,” led by students and volunteers. Hands-on experiments were taught and explained step-by-step, so teachers can recreate the lab activity in their classroom. Each teacher […]

Providing Kids Basic Nourishment and Thriving in the Classroom

When we give our kids the basic nourishment, they’re going to thrive. When students go to school hungry, they are unable to focus on their classes and unable to unlock their full potential. Omni Nano supports and highlights the LA Food Bank in Los Angeles, which serves more than 320,000 people each year. In his […]

Omni Nano hosts 150 Nanotechnology Workshops

With our recent visit to Valencia High School in Valencia, CA, Omni Nano has now hosted 150 workshops for STEM students in Greater Los Angeles Area, Southern California, and Texas, Washington D.C., and New York! Our interactive and hands-on demonstrations allow students to apply what they learn and better understand nanoscience and its importance. We […]

Omni Nano’s 150th Nanotech Workshop Gives STEM Students Interactive Edge

Today, Students at Valencia High School in Valencia, CA participated in Omni Nano’s 150th Nanotechnology workshop, where they got hands-on interactive experience with the demonstrations. Students were extremely interested in our nanoscience presentation and they learned about applications to various fields in STEM and medicine. The materials and demonstrations presented allow for effective and innovative […]

West Los Angeles College Kicks off a Nanotech Program

Dr. Curreli was invited to West Los Angeles Community College (WLAC) in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of offering a nanotechnology courses on campus, and eventually create a certificate program. We agreed to “test the waters” by offering a pilot course in Spring 2017. This pilot course will be valuable in informing us if WLAC […]

“It’s 2016! We’ve mastered nanotechnology!”

Vonage Cloud Communications TV Spot, ‘It’s About Time’ We saw this commercial today, and we are so glad to see the word “nanotechnology” becoming more “mainstream.” Take a look this 20 second spot: https://ispot.tv/a/AS8m Looking forward to the next company using nanotechnology in their commercials!

Everyday Nanotech: Making Solar Cells Out of Cranberry Juice

In today’s Nanotechnology workshop at the UCLA/CNSI High School Nanoscience Program at UCLA, STEM teachers from all over the Greater Los Angeles Area learned about “Making Solar Cells from Cranberry Juice,” a fun experiment. The teachers learned about chemistry with everyday things, such as juice. The workshop aimed to help teachers grow interest in their […]

Northrop Grumman Renews its Support for Nanotech Program

After the success of the grant supporting our Nanotechnology Program in 2015, we are excited that Northrop Grumman renewed its support to Omni Nano for the next academic year. Northrop Grumman continues to give schools in underrepresented areas the resources and funds to be able to expand their curricula and learn about nanotechnology.  

First Day of Class for Our “Introduction to Nanotechnology” Course at UCLA

Today was the first day of class for our new course at UCLA, and we are so excited for our students to learn more about nanoscience! We are using Canvas as Learning Management System (LMS) for our nanotechnology curriculum. The students had good time. Class will meet every Monday night for the next 12 weeks. […]