Our mission is to educate and inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs of nanotechnology.

If you share our passion for STEM education:

Our Team

Omni Nano Team Participates at Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards

Marco Curreli, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director

Gina Napolitano
Operation Manager

Kathleen Tepley
Director of Business Development

Steven Yamin
Fundraising Advisor

Our Volunteers

Our Founder

“I aim to inspire students to change the world by becoming nanotechnologists, scientists, and engineers.”

See Dr. Curreli’s personal story, ignition, motivation, and vision

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors ensures a high commitment to transparency and accountability.

Marco Curreli, Ph.D.
Omni Nano

Vincent Caprio, CPA
NanoBusiness Commercialization

Susan Rubin Serves on Omni Nano's Board of DirectorsSusan Rubin, J.D.
Strategic NPO

Arpana Verma serves on the Board of Directors of Omni Nano.Arpana Verma, Ph.D.
NanoMech Industries

Ron Lin, Ph.D.
Technology Entrepreneur

Kris Plotnick, CPA, CFA
Takenaka Partners

We are currently expanding our Board of Directors

Want to make the difference for millions of STEM students?

Education Advisory Board

Our Education Advisory Board provides educational and scientific expertise tailored to STEM and nanotechnology.

  • Jared Ashcroft  
    Nano-chemistry Instructor, Pasadena City College

If you are a STEM educator and would like to advise Omni Nano:

Community Advisory Board

Our Community Advisory Board includes key professionals who help spread Omni Nano’s mission throughout the community by way of outreach, marketing, and STEM career promotion.

  • Keith Herman  
    Entrepreneur, Investor , Strategist, Speaker
  • Matt Kamin  
    Founder, Envision Consulting
  • Justin Bookey  
    Executive Content Consultant, Emfatik
  • Tushar Gadhia  
    IT & Business Executive, LinkedIn
  • Christopher Kai  
    Speaker and Author; Founder, KGL Consulting
  • Anne Laureano  
    Principal, Laureano Consulting
  • Eva Serna  
    VP Branch Manager, First Foundation Bank

If you would like to be part of our Community Advisory Board:




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