STEM Activity
How Mark Became a Nanotechnologist

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“Now, we’re looking into introducing a year-long course in nanotechnology!”

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About this activity


“How Mark Became a Nanotechnologist” is a free STEM activity (or standalone short-course) for science students, grades 8 thru 16 (US). This activity introduces the subject of nanotechnology, a new field of science and engineering, through the story of a college student named Mark. This story shows that many students like him are willing to undergo rigorous training to acquire the skills needed to develop transformative technologies at high-tech companies. In fact, nanotechnology applications promise to find solutions to many real-world concerns affecting human lives and the environment at large – such as water purification, clean energy production, energy storage, effective medical treatments, accurate disease diagnostics, and safe food storage, just to name a few. By learning more about nanotechnology, today’s students can enrich themselves and their communities by becoming tomorrow’s skilled STEM workforce.
Duration: 1-2 class periods (60-90 minutes).


This STEM activity can be imported into most popular Learning Management Systems (LMSs), such as Canvas, Schoology, Buzz, Brightspace, and Echo. It may not work with Moodle. Note that Google Classroom is not an LMS.

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For Students:

  • Fun, engaging & informative!
  • Fully digital & mobile friendly
  • Perfect for STEM & science clubs
  • Helpful feedback on your answers
  • Certificate of completion plus surprise reward!

For Teachers:

  • Grades: 8th – 16th
  • Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Assignments are automatically graded with feedback
  • 508-compliant for students with disabilities
  • Built specifically for hybrid and online-only classrooms
  • Perfect for your science classes & STEM clubs!


Through this activity, teachers will…

  1. Introduce nanotechnology as a STEM discipline, college major, and professional career
  2. Demonstrate that “nano” is part of our daily lives
  3. Show how “nano” can solve global challenges
  4. Provide students with concrete pathways to careers in “nano”
  5. And more!


Upon completing this activity, your students will be able to…

  1. Identify the size/dimensions of the nanoscale
  2. Identify everyday objects that are powered by nanotechnology
  3. Compare the size of items/objects in nanometers
  4. Provide examples of nanoscale materials
  5. Identify higher education institutions offering programs in nanotechnology
  6. And more!

What you find inside the course activity:

  • Student instructions
  • 5 questions
  • 1 extra credit
  • Post-activity survey
  • Places where students can study nanotech
  • Further instructions for teachers.
  • Feedback and Class Statistics:
    • Use our tools to see how your class is doing overall.
    • Show them the answers.
    • Discuss specific topics based on your students’ answers.

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