CNSI High School Teacher Training: Supercapacitors

CNSI High School Teacher Training: Supercapacitors

Science teachers getting trained on a "faster batteries" nanotech lab at UCLA's CNSI.

Omni Nano proudly volunteered for the CNSI teacher training workshop on October 28, 2017.

Over 20 high school teachers from the Greater Los Angeles Area participated in the workshop for the Nanoscience Program at UCLA California NanoSystems Institute on “supercapacitors.” Supercapacitors are a hybrid concept between a battery and a capacitor. These devices store charges/energy (like a battery) and deliver it rapidly (like a capacitor). This month, the nanoscience training for high school science teachers focused on carbon-based electrodes to store energy electrochemically. At the end of the workshop, each teacher received materials/supplies to perform the lab activity in their classrooms, giving them the ability to share their new knowledge with their students from underrepresented schools.

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Omni Nano presented its Discover Nanotechnology Workshops at the 2017 Adelante Young Men Conference.Megan Lee shares her experience as a volunteer at Omni Nano.