STEM Academy Students Love Learning Nano

STEM Academy Students Love Learning Nano

Friday afternoons in North Hollywood are ripe with opportunities to learn, thanks to the weekly Seminar Hour at The Science Academy STEM Magnet. During today’s seminar, Omni Nano presented our Discover Nanotechnology workshop to 70 AP Environmental Science students. It was wonderful to be surrounded by youth who are so passionate about cleaning up our environment and rescuing our planet. The inspired group of students asked insightful questions about how they can use nanotechnology and other cutting-edge STEM technologies to improve the world around them.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what students had to say:

  • “I appreciated was how engaging the lecture was. The speaker took questions often and his explanations were top-notch. Even at the back of the classroom I could hear his voice loud and clear.”
  • “I liked how cloaking technology may eventually be able to hide things. I just found cloaking cool.”
  • “I liked the actual nanotechnology which was brought into the lecture. It’s an amazing thing to see a piece of revolutionary technology at work in front of you. What amazed me even further is that we got to take some of this technology home with us to show to our friends and family.”
  • “I liked the whole workshop.”
  • “I loved the fact that nanotechnology is able to be used for diverse applications from cleaning up lakes to killing cancer cells. The explanations were well thought out and was very natural. The workshop highlighted the importance and usefulness of new materials, etc.”
  • “I loved the presenter’s slides about becoming a nanotechnologist. It was cool talking with a real nanotechnologist!”
  • “I really enjoyed the videos about how nanotechnology works. For me, and especially for things as minuscule as nanotechnology, it is often difficult to visualize how these things would work, but the informational videos greatly helped with that issue.”
  • “I think that it was absolutely great and inspiring to all students considering ANY field of STEM as their career and astonished those who may have not have been as interested in a STEM career.”
  • “My favorite thing about today’s workshop was seeing how one man utilized nanotechnology in order to clean up a polluted wetland near his hometown.”
  • “The speaker and his workshop were very interesting and captivated my attention.”
  • “The workshop positively influenced my education and helped me view another way that I can improve Earth’s current status. I would have very much liked more scientific details, especially about the chemical compounds and their methods of action.”

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Omni Nano is thrilled to announce our extended partnership with SoCalGas, now sponsoring LAUSD students to learn nanotechnology with Omni Nano’s digital curriculum and textbook.“AI + The Future of Work” at Google’s Venice HQ brought together a panel of AI experts and futurists to discuss how technology will impact the future work landscape.