Students React to Summer Nanotechnology Institute

Students React to Summer Nanotechnology Institute

A highly motivated group of students have just completed a Summer Nanotechnology Institute using Omni Nano’s digital textbook and standardized curriculum as well as NanoSchoolBox lab experiments.

Eleventh-grade students at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, were in for a special treat this summer. A joint effort between chemistry teacher Mrs. Mary Joy Bejerano and Omni Nano provided students with the unique opportunity to learn the fundamental concepts underlying nanotechnology.

In just two weeks, the class of about 20 students completed an impressive volume of lessons about what nanotechnology is and how it is shaping our present and future, including a unit dedicated to modern microscopy, an overview of forces at the bulk versus nanoscales, and an introduction to carbon-based and other common nanomaterials.

Omni Nano’s plug-and-play digital curriculum also allowed the school to leverage its NanoSchoolBox kit from Advanced Materials Science, a German company devoted to hands-on education in emerging technologies such as nanotechnology.

Many of the students plan to continue their studies by enrolling in the full, year-long course starting Fall 2019. Over 30 teachers within the network of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools are interested in teaching this cutting-edge course.

See how students reacted to the course — check out the quotes below and the video above!

  • I am so grateful for this opportunity to study the course in nanotechnology. This class has been great; we have learned a lot and I hope to use the knowledge we have gained in the future.
  • We students need this course, as nanotechnology is our future! I believe it will help fix some worldwide problems such as global warming and starvation. I am therefore very grateful for this course’s educators and creator.
  • Teacher Testimonial: The online course provides students with a great opportunity to engage and understand the science behind nanotechnology. It opens their minds to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”) into one fundamental idea that can give unlimited opportunities.

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