Nanotech “Could Make the World into a Much Safer Place in the Future”

Nanotech “Could Make the World into a Much Safer Place in the Future”

Nanoscience Workshop Inspires STEM Students

Today, Omni Nano gave a Nanotechnology Workshop at the Oxford Academy in the Greater Los Angeles Area to about 25 students. These students learned about applications of nanotechnology and also took part in demonstrations that allowed for innovative, creative, independent thinking and active learning.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the workshop:


“[The demo]¬†was really hands on and it got me, as well as many of my peers excited. For those of us who weren’t sure about the potential of nanotechnology, giving us the opportunity to play with these surfaces really persuades us about the future of nanotechnology.”

“I really enjoyed being able to see the super hydrophobic take action and actually happen in real life.”

“I really liked the hands-on experimentation with the superhydrophobic spray and the wood surface. It made me think about the ways this spray could be implemented in the future. For example, if it’s made to become incredibly strong then it could even protect houses from floods or hurricanes. Think about all the lives that we could save! Also, I liked learning more about nanotechnology in general in terms of its applications, for instance in warfare, because it could make the world into a much safer place in the future.”

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