1st Nanoscience Workshop of 2017-18 CNSI: Biotoxicity

1st Nanoscience Workshop of 2017-18 CNSI: Biotoxicity

Science teachers getting trained on a biotoxicity nanotech lab at CNSI.

Omni Nano is excited to be volunteering at CNSI/UCLA Nanoscience teacher training for the fourth consecutive year.

The first workshop of the series focused on “Biotoxicity,” teachers were given materials to show how certain nanoparticles have anti-bacterial/anti-microbrial properties. Each participating teacher received materials and supplies to take home to perform the lab activity in their classrooms!

This workshop at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA aims to aid in closing the achievement gap, preparing students for careers and high paying jobs in science.

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Hitachi partners with Omni Nano to bring our nanotechnology workshops into more schools.Nanotronics supports STEM and nanotechnology education by supporting Omni Nano.