Omni Nano has a new sponsor: Nanotronics!

Omni Nano has a new sponsor: Nanotronics!

Nanotronics supports nanotechnology and STEM education by supporting Omni Nano.

We have a new sponsor: Nanotronics!

Nanotronics is an innovative nanotechnology company based in New York. Nanotronics combines optical microscopy, computational super-resolution, artificial intelligence, and robotics, offering the world’s most advanced microscopes to numerous manufacturing sectors.

Dr. Curreli says that “Nanotronics is an ideal partner for Omni Nano. They are an advanced nanotech company that supports education. I met Nanotronics’s CEO, Dr. Matthew Putman, at a NanoBCA meeting years ago. He has always been an advocate of advancing STEM education, inspiring and encouraging the next generation to become more involved in STEM programs.”

Earlier this year, Omni Nano and Nanotronics co-hosted Discover Nanotechnology workshops at the “GOALS for Girls” event designed to inspire young women and girls (see  We are so excited to work with Nanotronics on future educational projects like these!

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LA-Local science teachers getting trained on a biotoxicity nanotech lab at UCLA's CNSI.Legacy Property Series event at the Culver Hotel in Culver City.