Omni Nano is back at Bresee with Popular Demand!

Omni Nano is back at Bresee with Popular Demand!

Nanotech Course at Bresee Youth Center Continues to Inspire Underprivileged STEM Students

After the huge success of our first full-semester nanotechnology course at the Bresee Youth Center in Los Angeles, we are so excited to be invited back to introduce nanotech to another enthusiastic group of young learners!

The Bresee Foundation has a 30-year history of providing comprehensive after-school programs and family services for underprivileged and underrepresented youth in our community.  By teaching the fundamentals of nanotechnology in a modern way, students pick up essential skills they can use to succeed in college – even in just a few sessions.  Students learn, for example, how to analyze data and compute multiple calculations by programming with Excel.

Today’s first class attracted about a dozen students, mainly high school juniors and seniors. Students learned the definition of nanotechnology as well as an overview of current and projected applications.  Several students were so enthralled that they stayed well past the class to continue learning!  In our lesson next week, we’ll dive deeper into microscopy.  Classes will be ongoing until May.

You can sponsor this program to help inspire the next generation of scientists and help pave careers with a donation to Omni Nano.  Find out more or make a donation today!

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