Back at Valencia High and Better than Ever!

Back at Valencia High and Better than Ever!

It’s always a pleasure to return to Valencia High School, which is one of the few high schools in the nation to offer courses in nanochemistry. Students are so “hungry” for nano that the classes are at maximum capacity!

Through our partnership with Hitachi, we provided 90 more Valencia High students with the opportunity to experience nanotechnology firsthand. Today’s interactive workshops included several hands-on activities: students interacted with water atop super-hydrophobic surfaces, “turned on” quantum dots by illuminating them with UV rays, and even had the chance to visualize materials under a powerful Hitachi microscope. Check out this blog for more details about our collaboration with Hitachi, which brings advanced microscopes into local classrooms.

Take a look below at the great feedback the students had for us! As always, we look forward to bringing more nanotechnology to Valencia High next year.

  • This was a great workshop! Super interesting stuff to learn about!
  • I thought everything was explained very well and at a level which high school students could understand, which is sometimes rare.
  • I’d like to attend a longer seminar that goes more in depth. I wouldn’t mind if it were outside of school hours.
  • I liked how the presentation showed us how nanotechnology is used in our daily lives.
  • I would have loved to have learned about more nanomaterials and applications.
  • The presentation, the activities, and the discussion were all really intriguing and actually held my interest for the full hour.
  • I would love if they can come back to introduce more people to nanoscience who have not really been exposed to the idea of it yet.
  • The lesson and workshop were really fun! Thanks for doing it 🙂
  • I really enjoyed the workshop and I definitely learned a lot more about nano than I already knew.
  • Thank you for taking time out of your day to help us high school students learn and understand more about nanotechnology. I learned a lot and had fun while doing so.
  • I really liked the presentation. Using modern-day nanotechnologies and showing what could happen in the near future got me way more interested.
  • My favorite part about today’s workshop was that we got to see nanotechnology in person and actually use it rather than just being told about it. I liked playing around with the different materials and trying to figure out how they were made.
  • I liked getting to see how nanoscience is already applied in our lives today.
  • One of my favorite parts was learning about how nanoscience is already being applied to technology in the real world.
  • My favorite thing about the workshop was learning about some of the applications nanotechnologies can have. It illustrates how much nanoscience is involved in our lives. In addition, the Scanning Electron Microscope is amazing to use and really opens up opportunities for future research.
  • It was so cool seeing all the potential uses for nanotechnology in the future and even now, seeing how nanotech can potentially save so many people and do so much for us in the future. It was very eye-opening to see all this potential and hype for such an amazing thing.
  • I was interested in learning that nano is way more common than I originally thought. I’m really glad that this field will employ 6 million people by 2020, because I’ve always worried about my future.
  • The hydrophobic surface was amazing… It was super fun to throw the water droplet up and catch it with the surface. Truly amazing!

It’s always a pleasure to return to Valencia High School, which is one of the few high schools in the nation to offer courses in nanochemistry.

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