Cleveland High School Chemistry Classes Get Inspired in Nano

Cleveland High School Chemistry Classes Get Inspired in Nano

It was a pleasure to present Discover Nanotechnology workshops to two chemistry classes today at Cleveland High School. The students who attended the afternoon presentation, who are enrolled in a bilingual chemistry class, were especially curious and lively. They were fascinated by the demonstration of super-hydrophobic, water-repellent cloth samples, and many asked insightful questions. Check out some great student quotes below!

Thanks to sponsorship from SoCalGas, we inspired another 70 students today. We are proud to partner with SoCalGas, which recently announced its vision to become the cleanest natural gas utility in North America. As their future workforce will be more multilingual and will utilize clean new technologies that may not have even been invented yet, SoCalGas understands the importance of inspiring a diverse body of students with high-quality STEM education.

Check out some of the students’ feedback:

  • “I learned something very new!”
  • “I like how you showed how nanotechnology could change the world. We learned how we will make our world better.”
  • “I liked learning about how nanotechnologies were actually in items we use every single day.”
  • “My favorite part was learning about nanotechnology in general, because I didn’t know anything about it before the workshop.”
  • “My favorite thing is that with nanotechnology we can clean the dirty water.”
  • “I just wish we had more time!”

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