CNSI NanoScience Workshop Schedule

CNSI NanoScience Workshop Schedule

UCLA's CNSI nanoscience workshops - 2017-18 flyer

Omni Nano wants to share the CNSI NanoScience Teacher Workshops 2017-2018 schedule with you. Omni Nano was created to reach an underserved population of nanotech students and teachers. It’s great to know that the CNSI is also focusing on this important mission.

View the labs schedule directly on the CNSI’s website:

“It’s great to see that CNSI is also reaching Spanish speaking youth through their ‘Feria de Educación’ program. I’m excited to see the advancements in education that the NanoScience community is going to make in the next few years,” said Dr. Marco Curreli.

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Omni Nano supporting young girls in Niger on their way to basic education.Hitachi partners with Omni Nano to bring our nanotechnology workshops into more schools.