Wells Bring Hope – Wells Spring Education

Wells Bring Hope – Wells Spring Education

Omni Nano supporting young girls on their way to better education.

Omni Nano supports Wells Bring Hope, an organization that drills water wells in the poorest country on Earth: Niger. In developing nations young girls are impacted the greatest because they are the water bearers for their families. They have had to forego their education in order to spend hours a day collecting unsafe water for their families. Thanks to organizations like Wells Bring Hope, these young girls can now go to school and become the doctors, scientist, lawyers, and future policy makers of their countries.

In areas that can’t support a naturally sourced well, nanotechnology-based water filtration systems can aid in clean water efforts. Nanotechnology coupled with organizations like Wells Bring Hope can help end the world water crisis.

The event, which was hosted through the generous support of philanthropist Stanley Black at his home in Los Angeles, aims to bring awareness and solutions to the clean water crisis that affects 1 in 10  people* on earth.  (*source: WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2017 update)


Omni Nano supporting young girls on their way to education.


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