GOALS for Girls – No Limits in Nano!

GOALS for Girls – No Limits in Nano!

Nanotechnology Workshops for the girls of "Goals for Girls" in collaboration with Nanotronics and the Intrepid Museum. 

Today, Omni Nano presented its online version of “Discover Nanotechnology” to 25 young women visiting Nanotronics, as part of the “GOALS for Girls” program at the Intrepid Museum (NY). GOALS for Girls are year-round programs that include internships, weekend forums, and the GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive program, offering female students, their families, and their schools various pathways to connect to the Intrepid Museum and STEM opportunities.

Dr. Curreli stated, “It’s our mission to inspire young students to learn more STEM, especially nanotechnology. The Discover Nanotechnology workshop offers a brief introduction to the scientific concepts at the base of nanotechnology, its numerous applications, and valuable career opportunities. The workshop was hosted at Nanotronics, an innovative nanotechnology company based in New York.  Nanotronics combines optical microscopy, computational super-resolution, artificial intelligence, and robotics offering the world the most advanced microscopes to numerous manufacturing sectors. This is the perfect environment to inspire students to be the next generation of STEM innovators….STEM at 360 degrees!”

He also added: “I have had the opportunity to connect with Nanotronics’s CEO, Dr. Matthew Putman, at NanoBCA meetings throughout the years.  He has always been an advocate of advancing STEM education, inspiring and encouraging the next generation to become more involved in STEM programs. This was an exciting part of our day, to teach nanotechnology through a virtual classroom and know these students were then engaged with some of its finest applications first hand!”

Omni Nano is grateful to participate with Nanotronics in the “GOALS for Girls” program, and we are excited to see what these young women will contribute to the STEM/STEAM community in the years to come!



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