Hitachi Supports Nano Workshops at University High School

Hitachi Supports Nano Workshops at University High School

As one of the only high schools offering courses in nanotechnology, University High School is a diamond in the rough – and always a pleasure to visit. Currently, nanotechnology classes can only be offered every other year. Today, we inspired about 100 students across three classrooms through our Discover Nanotechnology workshops. Moving forward, we are excited to work alongside the hosting teacher to bring a full nanotechnology pathway to the school – including two year-long courses, offered every year. Thank you, Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC), for helping us make the difference for these students for years to come!

Students are talking!

  • “I don’t like that we don’t learn this in school.”
  • “I like how you can solve world problems. You can change the world; you just need dedication.”
  • “I got to learn more about nanotechnology and the things involved in it, and it was cool to learn how it could potentially change our lives and everyone else’s lives for the better.”
  • “Loved it all. Yeah!!”
  • “My favorite thing is learning how nano can help cure cancer as well as kill bacteria. I also liked it when we played with the water and did not wet the paper at all.”
  • “I liked how we saw the positive ways many scientist use nanotech to improve our future and the well-being of our electronics.”
  • “I liked the example videos that helped further explain what and how nanotechnology is beneficial to the world around us.”
  • “My favorite thing was playing with nanotech and learning new things about it.”
  • “I loved seeing the ways that nanotech can help the earth.”

With sponsorhip from Hitachi, Omni Nano inspires 60 passionate chemistry students at University High School

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