The Science Academy STEM Magnet Discovers Nanotechnology

The Science Academy STEM Magnet Discovers Nanotechnology

When we first scheduled our Discover Nanotechnology workshops at The Science Academy STEM Magnet, we only planned to visit one classroom – but by the time the big day arrived, 8 classrooms were eager to participate! To accommodate the ~300 students, we presented today’s workshop in the auditorium of the North Hollywood high school for highly gifted students. It then came as no surprise that the students had so many questions, we almost ran passed the school bell.

The host teacher is looking forward to working with Omni Nano to establish a nanotechnology class at The STEM Magnet within the next few years. We are happy to help introduce her students to the fascinating world of nanotechnology. First, future students’ interest is piqued during our workshops. Then, all they need to do is enroll and log into their LAUSD Schoology account to access the full course.

Our sponsor, SoCalGas, is leading the way with its commitment to become the cleanest natural gas utility in North America. By supporting Omni Nano’s innovative STEM education initiatives in the San Fernando Valley, SoCalGas is planting the seed to ensure a robust pipeline of future STEM professionals. Their representatives even helped us out with the presentation – talk about doing double duty!


SoCal Gas is a proud sponsor of Omni Nano's STEM and nanotechnology programs.

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