Omni Nano has Inspired Over 5,000 students in STEM!

Omni Nano has Inspired Over 5,000 students in STEM!

Since the inception of our Discover Nanotechnology Program in the fall 2013, this program has been growing exponentially!

Omni Nano has Inspired Over 5,000 students in STEM!

As of July 2016, we have offered 145 workshops and inspired over 5,000!!

We have worked with 66 schools, after school programs, and youth conferences. We have been invited to go back by every institution visited!


Some quotes from workshop participants include:


“I’m all about helping the world and if nanotechnology can let me do that, then I’m ready.”

“Learning about how nanotechnology can change the world was very interesting.”

“It was interesting and hard to believe that this type of technology exists.”

“All the futuristic predictions that were given, they were great and the way that nanotechnology was explain it was pretty cool.”


Students experience nanotechnology on the palm of their hands:

Students experience nanotechnology on the palm of their hands

Participating institutions  (many visited multiple times over the years) include:

  1. 32nd St./USC Magnet High School
  2. Adelante Young Men Conference
  3. Alhambra High School
  4. Applied Technology Center
  5. Archer School for Girls
  6. Bellarmine-Jefferson High School
  7. Beverly Hills High School
  8. Bravo Medical Magnet High School
  9. Bresee Youth Center
  10. Bright Star Charter Academy
  11. Burbank Boys & Girls Club – Main Branch
  12. California Technology Student Association
  13. Canoga Park High School Boys & Girls Club
  14. Centennial High School
  15. Chantilly STEM Academy
  16. Chicano/Latino Youth Conference
  17. Conejo Valley High School
  18. Culver City High School
  19. Culver City Middle School
  20. David Crockett High School
  21. Edwin Markham Middle School Boys & Girls Club
  22. El Segundo High School
  23. Fort MacArthur Boys & Girls Club
  24. Franklin High School
  25. Hawthorne Math & Science Academy
  26. Helen Bernstein High School
  27. Heritage Christian High School
  28. Inglewood High School
  29. Jack Hays High School
  30. Lauren Springs High School – Online webinar
  31. Lincoln Heights Boys & Girls Club
  32. Los Angeles Harbor Boys & Girls Club
  33. Manual Arts High School
  34. Mar Vista Gardens Boys & Girls Club
  35. Milken High School
  36. Pacific Hills School
  37. Pacific Palisades Charter School
  38. Pasadena Boys & Girls Club – Main Branch
  39. Pasadena Boys & Girls Club – Slavik Branch
  40. Pathways World School
  41. Port of Los Angeles High School
  42. Port of Los Angels Boys & Girls Club
  43. RIM High School
  44. SAIL STEM – Azusa Pacific University
  45. Saint Anthony High School
  46. Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club
  47. Santa Monica High School
  48. Schurr High School
  49. South El Monte High School
  50. STEAM Carnival
  51. STEAM Nation
  52. Taft High School
  53. Trinity School
  54. UC Riverside Chicano/Latino Youth Conference
  55. Union Rescue Mission
  56. University Senior High School
  57. USC / SMASH Program
  58. UTeach Program – University of Texas
  59. Valencia High School
  60. Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences
  61. Variety Boys & Girls Club
  62. Watts-Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club
  63. West Valley Boys & Girls Club
  64. Wilmington Boys & Girls Club
  65. Woodson STEM Academy
  66. Yeshiva University High School

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