“My favorite part was learning the applications of nanotechnology”

“My favorite part was learning the applications of nanotechnology”

University Senior High Students Wowed by Nanotech Demos

We have presented 4 of our workshops to a total of 140 students at University Senior High School in Los Angeles, CA. We were particularly interested in offering our workshops at University Senior, as next year there is going to be a nanotechnology course on schedule.

We certainly helped promoting nanotechnology among the students. One of them said:

“Thank you for doing this presentation in our class today! I am more excited for the nanoscience class being held at our school next year and learning more about the projects that are being worked on!”

Other comments/feedback from the attending students include:

 “Everything was great. I learned something very interesting in this presentation.”

“The workshop was superb”

“My favorite thing is that I didn’t know what nanotechnology was until you came and explained it to us”

“…I found the stuff about curing cancer with nano-particles very interesting.”

“An amazing presenter :)”

“It taught about stuff people didn’t know before instead of reviewing what we learned in class.”

“I enjoyed learning about what current projects are being developed! It interests me a lot, and it was my favorite. And it was also helpful to know that coding will be helpful, because I wouldn’t want my knowledge of java to go to waste. But overall the entire workshop was very interesting!”

“All the futuristic predictions that were given, they were great and the way that nanotechnology was explain it was pretty cool.”

“I liked the hydrophobic surface that we used and saw how the water rolled off the surface and the surface never got wet”

“How I learned new things and how nano science is around us. Pretty much it is with us and we did not know”

Today’s workshops were sponsored by a Community Grant from Edison International.
Southern California Edison Sponsors Nanotech Workshops

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