Omni Nano Recognized as Top Charity Accepting Bitcoin

Omni Nano Recognized as Top Charity Accepting Bitcoin

At Omni Nano, we don’t just teach modern tech; we use it ourselves! Since our infancy we have been accepting cryptocurrency donations and we are thrilled to have been recognized in the news as a top bitcoin-accepting charity.

So what is a cryptocurrency? It’s a digital form of cash that is securely decentralized, meaning it’s not backed by any single bank or institution. Instead, it relies on a widely distributed, highly encrypted ledger called a blockchain to validate peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin (symbol: ₿ or btc) was the first and is still the most popular of all cyrptocurrencies. At one point in 2017, the value of 1 btc soared to nearly $20,000! Best of all, anyone can use bitcoin; it can even be earned at no cost through a process called “mining.”

We are proud to accept donations in bitcoin, which empowers a broader base with the ability to support STEM education. You can read more about it here, here, and here!

Got spare bitcoins and want to make a meaningful impact on STEM education? Look no further! Simply scan the QR code below:

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Our founder, Dr. Marco Curreli, always enjoys volunteering to “teach the teachers” with the CNSI Nanoscience Institute at UCLA.Omni Nano is proud to be one of the few STEM guest speakers servicing the San Fernando Valley, thanks to support from SoCalGas.