Speaking at the 2018 HI-TEC Conference in Miami

Speaking at the 2018 HI-TEC Conference in Miami

For the second year in a row, Omni Nano has been sponsored to participate in the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC). This NSF-sponsored national conference on advanced technological education invites secondary and post-secondary educators, counselors, industry professionals, trade organizations, and technicians to update their knowledge and skills.

This year, HI-TEC is turning up the heat: the conference will take place in Miami this July. We’re looking forward to sharing Omni Nano’s exciting updates with the education and nanotechnology communities. Check out the abstract for our talk below.

For more information about HI-TEC, click here.

Title:  Digital Curricula for Online and Hybrid Nanotechnology Courses

Impact:  Introducing youth to nanotechnology and STEM inspires and prepares them for their professional careers in the globalized, high-tech economy of the 21st century.

Abstract:  Omni Nano, a non-profit organization devoted to nanotechnology education, has created the first and only complete digital curricula for online/hybrid high school and undergraduate nanotechnology courses. Our student-centered, teacher-approved materials include everything required to teach nanotechnology, whether as a stand-alone class or integrated into another science class, including lesson plans, presentations, assignments and answer keys, and hands-on laboratory activities. Their modular structure gives schools and teachers the flexibility to add and edit content to fit their schedule. Compatibility with popular learning management systems like Blackboard and Canvas make the adoption and use of our NGSS-aligned curricula simple and straightforward.

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Nanotech students from West LA College visiting USC-CEMMA.Nanotechnology students at West LA College operating an Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).