TED Talks – No Subject Too Small

TED Talks – No Subject Too Small

So many TED Talks mention "nano"
TED Talks have created the unique opportunity to expand our knowledge of the human experience and the way we impact the world and the universe we are a part of.  More and more Talks are available to educate the masses on Nanotechnology and its numerous applications, ranging from highly targeted cancer treatments, water purification systems to water-repelling coatings.

These Talks are an engaging opportunity to inspire the next generation of STEM workers and students.

Omni Nano recommended “nano” TED Talks:  https://omninano.org/you-and-nanotechnology/#TED-Talks

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John Paul DeJoria, keynote speaker at METal on July 1st, 2017Omni Nano has been challenged by the Confidence Foundation.