Thank you, Edison, for inspiring over 1,000 students!

Thank you, Edison, for inspiring over 1,000 students!

Three years of workshops supported by Edison International

For 3 years in a row, Omni Nano has been proudly sponsored, in part, by a Community Grant from Edison International.  Through their generosity, Edison has allowed us to deliver 27 Discover Nanotechnology workshops free of charge to the community, igniting a passion for nanotechnology and STEM in over 1,135 students.

We want to say thank you, Edison, for all your support! Here’s what some of our students had to say:

“One thing that I enjoyed during today’s workshop was the constant barrage of new ideas and applications for nanoscale objects. I found it intriguing and, in many cases, eye-opening.”

“It helped me know what science can do to make our future better.”

“The all-around explanation of nanotechnology and its applications, as well as the actual tile and cloth covered with hydrophobic material which we as students could see and test for ourselves, were my favorite parts of the presentation.”

“It was a great opportunity for me to learn about a new field that was little known to me before the presentation. I was able to see and experience the cutting edge technologies of nanotech not only verbally and visually, but also, physically.”

“My favorite part of the workshop was learning about the medical applications of nanoparticles, and delving into how they could eventually aid in a cure for cancer.”

“I enjoyed learning about the different majors that can go into nanotechnology after college.”

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