Thank you NanoBCA members for supporting Education

Thank you NanoBCA members for supporting Education

NanoBCA members that supported Omni Nano's fundraising effort.

Omni Nano is thankful to be a part of the NanoBCA community – and we are especially grateful for the fellow members who helped support nanotechnology education by making a donation toward our recent challenge/matching grant. The partnership you share with Omni Nano in bringing nanotechnology education into more schools, allows our community to make a greater impact in the world, now and in the future.

Thank you to the many leaders in the NanoBCA community who played a critical role in our success with this grant!

UltraTech International
Bergeson & Campbell
Frith & Associates

Thank you!

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Megan Lee shares her experience as a volunteer at Omni Nano.At Omni Nano, we are all ready for a series of 30+ workshops!