New Series of 30+ Workshops – New Opportunities

New Series of 30+ Workshops – New Opportunities

At Omni Nano, we are all ready for a series of 30+ workshops in the schools of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Omni Nano is excited for our upcoming workshop series, thanks to the support of corporate sponsors like: Hitachi, Northrop Grumman, and So Cal Gas. “Educating young people about the exciting world of nanotechnology is our mission and we are so grateful to our corporate sponsors who help make this a reality,” Dr. Marco Curreli, Executive Director, stated.

Special thanks to UltraTech International for providing us with superhydrophobic materials that allow us, and our corporate sponsors, the ability to illustrate the tangible aspects of nanotechnology.
And, of course, many thanks to Go Graphics & Printing Co. for always delivering a perfect print job: high quality and short turn around!

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NanoBCA members that supported Omni Nano's fundraising effort toward the Challenge Grant.Omni Nano was awarded its first grant from a private foundation.