Valencia High School student: “I can think of millions of possibilities”

Valencia High School student: “I can think of millions of possibilities”

Omni Nano annual presentation of its Discover Nanotechnology Workshops at Valencia High School.

Omni Nano held its annual nanotechnology workshop at Valencia High School this morning, sponsored by the Gamma Alloys Community Service Program.  Gamma Alloys develops ultra-strong, lightweight alloy materials that have the potentials to disrupt the aerospace, automotive, and many other niche industries.

Not only did students receive a hands-on presentation about nanotechnology, but they also held a discussion about local career opportunities for students who pursue STEM degrees – and they had quite a lot to say!

Some student quotes include:

  • “I would like to jump on the nano-wagon to change millions of lives.”
  • “I can think of millions of possibilities.”
  • “My favorite thing was learning about all the new technologies that are currently being developed.”
  • “I like how we connect physics, biology, and engineering along with many different fields of science to do scientific research and apply it to everyday life.”
  • “But descriptively capturing and showing what nanotechnology really was and is made the entire workshop not only memorable, but enjoyable.”
  • “I am much more interested in nano now because I have a better understanding of it.”
  • “My favorite thing was learning about how different size and shape of a particle can change the entire color of the solution it created. I also like learning about the super-hydrophobic substance and how nanotech is going to change our future. I was really interested in all the things that we learned about in the workshop. I liked how the speaker talked about the real world uses of nanotechnology right now.”
  • “Keep up the amazing work, you belong in the nanotechnology field because I can see your passion. I hope you continue to fulfill your dream.”
  • “I really liked all of the examples and videos of how nanoscience works and how it could be applied to our daily lives. Also i liked that there were physical examples like the tile that was superhydrophobic.”
  • “It made the idea of innovation and imagination becoming a reality extremely realistic and in reach.”]
  • “I enjoyed everything about the workshop. I love the hands on part of the workshop because we get to try these inventive products that can be more common in the future.”
  • “It was neat to further my understanding of the nanotechnology field by seeing it in action.”
  • “I thought everything was very interesting and cool. I thought this was really interesting to learn about and I thought it was very informative, thank you for coming.”
  • “I really liked the real world applications given directly and its potentials.”
  • “My favorite thing about the workshop was that we were allowed to experience some hands-on examples of nanotechnology. I also liked that the presenter showed us videos, which increased variety.”

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Nanotronics coordinated a Nanotechnology Workshops for the girls of "Goals for Girls" in collaboration with the Intrepid Museum. Workshop presented by Omni Nano at Bresee Youth Center for National Nanotechnology Day.