Who Knows Nano Now: 50+ Students from the Boys & Girls Clubs #LearnNano

Who Knows Nano Now: 50+ Students from the Boys & Girls Clubs #LearnNano

Who Knows “Nano” Now: 50+ more kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs #LearnNano

The partnership with Time Warner Cable under their “Connect a Million Minds” initiative is in full swing. With schools back from winter break, we are back to visiting Boys & Girls Clubs around Los Angeles to show everyone what “magic” nanotechnology has in store for our future.

Last week, we visited the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena’s Slavik Branch and the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank & Greater East Valley’s Main Club. Both workshops were fantastic! The Pasadena club is really big – we had about 40 kids. The Burbank branch was a bit more intimate with 15 kids attending. The students thought the future with nanotechnology would be really cool and many told me they “can’t wait to learn more.”

The response from B&G Club kids is exactly what we aim for in presenting nanotechnology workshops to young students. We see their eyes light up and the gears start turning in their minds. These kids will truly bring us into the 21st Century by being our next innovators.


Workshops sponsored by the Connect a Million Minds program at Time Warner Cable.

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