CNSI Workshop: Nanoscale Control of Wetting

CNSI Workshop: Nanoscale Control of Wetting

LA-local science teachers getting trained on a "nanoscale wetting" lab at UCLA's CNSI.

On November 18th, CNSI High School Nanoscience Workshop focused on Nanoscale Control of Wetting. Participants engaged in the use of superhydrophobic materials, both in their natural and man made states.

Hands-on experiments were taught and explained step-by-step, so teachers can recreate activities in their classroom. Teachers were given materials and supplies to take with them to perform the experiments and teach the topic to their students.

Omni Nano uses superhydrophobic materials in our Discover Nanotechnology workshops; the use of these materials engage students in understanding a practical application of nanotechnology.

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Omni Nano presented its Discover Nanotechnology Workshops to over 100 students at El Segundo High School.Sponsorship for Omni Nano by Hitachi empowered 250 students to discover nanotechnology this year.