Thank You, Hitachi!

Thank You, Hitachi!


Sponsorship for Omni Nano by Hitachi empowered 250 students to discover nanotechnology this year.

Thanks to sponsorship from the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee, Omni Nano was able to expose another 250 students to the exciting science of nanotechnology. Due to high demand, all of these sponsored workshops were presented at El Segundo High School in El Segundo, CA.

This was our first grant form Hitachi and we certainly hope that this collaboration continues. As a high-tech international conglomerate, Hitachi understands the importance of investing in STEM education. And we at Omni Nano are always looking for ways to inspire more students in our communities to pursue STEM!

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Science teachers getting trained on a "nanoscale wetting" lab at UCLA's CNSI.Today, Omni Nano presented its Discover Nanotechnology Workshops to 140 students at Bright Star Academy in Los Angeles, CA.