Continued Partnership with Hitachi

Continued Partnership with Hitachi

We are proud to continue our partnership with Hitachi to bring more STEM education to schools that otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology.

Last year with Hitachi’s sponsorship, Omni Nano offered seven workshops at El Segundo High School. This year, we look forward to expanding our reach and working with other schools in the community.

In the past 5 years, our innovative, interactive workshops have provided underrepresented and underserved children with the vital opportunity to discover the future applications and potential careers that modern STEM offers. Our super-hydrophobic cloth giveaways continue to amaze and inspire students long after our in-school visit.

Thank you for your continued sponsorship, Hitachi!

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Omni Nano is proud to announce the launch of our second free online course, “Introducción a la nanotecnología”, Spanish-language version of our popular MOOC.Our founder, Dr. Marco Curreli, always enjoys volunteering to “teach the teachers” with the CNSI Nanoscience Institute at UCLA.