Is this all we have to teach nanotechnology in high school?

Is this all we have to teach nanotechnology in high school?

Omni Nano digital curriculum surpasses current nanotechnology textbooks.

At Omni Nano, we have been developing educational resources specifically designed to teach nanotechnology at the high school level.

We’ve been searching for textbooks that teach nanotech to 11th and 12th graders, and this is all we have found?! While there are a number of books that speak to the subject, none are suitable to supplement a two-semester science course, the same way physics and chemistry textbooks supplement those courses. Most notably, what these books lack is testing materials. There are no exercises or questions that require critical thinking or problem-solving skills.

To fill this gap, Omni Nano is creating a digital curriculum that includes educational resources, testing materials, lesson plans, etc. This electronic curriculum can easily be uploaded into a school learning management system (LMS) and is aligned with the next generation science standards.

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Workshops for Nanotechnology Education at the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, July 2017.Introduction to Nanotechnology is now open for enrollment at UCLA Extension for the Fall 2017.