Over 200 Engaged Online Learners

Over 200 Engaged Online Learners

Over 200 students enrolled in Omni Nano's "Introduction to Nanotechnology" online course in the past four weeks.

Exactly four weeks after our first free massive open online course (MOOC) went live, we are happy to report that we have over 200 engaged learners discovering nanotechnology through our platform. Although this course is designed for a high school audience, it is open to everyone – and our roster shows it. Learners of all ages from all around the world are enrolled, even including university professors! And several students have already completed the course, many with flying colors.

We hope that you or your children will join us next and learn how to use nanotechnology to help save the world. Click here to enroll today!

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Omni Nano's first MOOC (Massive Open Online Courseware) for high school students started on Feb 5th 2018 and is hosted on Canvas.net.For the third year in a row, Omni Nano is recognized as a GuideStar Platinum member for our commitment to organizational transparency.