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Find out how Omni Nano is making the difference in STEM education. 

Hitachi Inspires in Alhambra

It was such a pleasure to return to Alhambra High School today to speak to about 100 students about the exciting possibilities of nanotechnology. We spoke to three classrooms of competitive, smart kids studying Computer Science and Anatomy/Physiology. The Computer Science students were especially fascinated to learn about nanoelectronics and quantum computing. Check out some great […]

Hitachi Supports Nano Workshops at University High School

As one of the only high schools offering courses in nanotechnology, University High School is a diamond in the rough – and always a pleasure to visit. Currently, nanotechnology classes can only be offered every other year. Today, we inspired about 100 students across three classrooms through our Discover Nanotechnology workshops. Moving forward, we are […]

The Science Academy STEM Magnet Discovers Nanotechnology

When we first scheduled our Discover Nanotechnology workshops at The Science Academy STEM Magnet, we only planned to visit one classroom – but by the time the big day arrived, 8 classrooms were eager to participate! To accommodate the ~300 students, we presented today’s workshop in the auditorium of the North Hollywood high school for […]

New Student Giveaways Have Arrived!

It’s no secret that schoolchildren love giveaways and prizes. (Don’t we all?) Our super-hydrophobic cloths are no exception – in fact, they’re usually the most popular part of our Discover Nanotechnology workshops! (We commonly hear feedback like, “My favorite part about the workshop was the super-hydrophobic surfaces!”) Best of all, when students can experience nanotechnology in […]

Partnership with Hitachi Enters Third Year

The partnership between the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC) and Omni Nano that’s inspiring local students in STEM is now entering its third year. As a company on the bleeding edge of new technologies, Hitachi understands the importance of educating the next-generation workforce. By supporting Omni Nano’s Discover Nanotechnology workshops and other […]

STEM Academy Students Love Learning Nano

Friday afternoons in North Hollywood are ripe with opportunities to learn, thanks to the weekly Seminar Hour at The Science Academy STEM Magnet. During today’s seminar, Omni Nano presented our Discover Nanotechnology workshop to 70 AP Environmental Science students. It was wonderful to be surrounded by youth who are so passionate about cleaning up our environment and […]

Setting Records at Arleta High School

Today’s workshops at Arleta High School set not one but two records! Not only did the day include our 230th workshop, but it was also our largest day of workshops on record. About two dozen science classes attended four theater-sized workshops, allowing us to inspire over 1,000 students all in one day. Wow! A number of science teachers approached […]

Cleveland High School Chemistry Classes Get Inspired in Nano

It was a pleasure to present Discover Nanotechnology workshops to two chemistry classes today at Cleveland High School. The students who attended the afternoon presentation, who are enrolled in a bilingual chemistry class, were especially curious and lively. They were fascinated by the demonstration of super-hydrophobic, water-repellent cloth samples, and many asked insightful questions. Check out […]

Hitachi SCRCAC Sponsors Wave of Workshops at El Segundo High School

This is Omni Nano’s 4th year presenting workshops to the science and engineering classes at El Segundo High School, thanks to sponsorship from the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC). Dr. Curreli, Executive Director of Omni Nano, commented “This year, 8 chemistry classes (approximately 260 students) actively participated in our workshops and expressed great […]

Inspiration Strikes Chemistry Classes at University High School

It’s always a pleasure to visit the enthusiastic learners at University High School. University is unique among Los Angeles high schools because it is one of the only schools that offers a full elective course in Nanotechnology. We had the honor of presenting our last workshop of 2018 to their Nanotechnology B class of 25 […]

Another Year Inspiring at the Adelante Young Men Conference

Omni Nano is proud to have attended the Adelante! Young Men (AYM) Conference as a speaker for the fifth consecutive year. The annual conference brings over 2,000 boys and young men together with professional males to serve as real-life role models. AYM draws a diverse crowd with a focus on Latino youth and professionals. This year, […]

Busy Preparing our High-Tech Student Giveaways

  Omni Nano volunteers have been busy preparing new super-hydrophobic cloth samples, one of our popular workshop giveaways for students. Although the tiles look like typical pieces of cotton cloth, they are actually super water-resistant. Instead of soaking into the material, water beads up on their surface, unable to penetrate. No wonder they’re such a […]

Back at Valencia High and Better than Ever!

It’s always a pleasure to return to Valencia High School, which is one of the few high schools in the nation to offer courses in nanochemistry. Students are so “hungry” for nano that the classes are at maximum capacity! Through our partnership with Hitachi, we provided 90 more Valencia High students with the opportunity to […]

SoCalGas Continues to Support STEM Education

Thanks to our continued partnership with SoCalGas, Omni Nano will bring more STEM education to students of the San Fernando Valley. We are proud to be one of the few STEM guest speakers servicing Valley-area high schools, thanks to support from SoCalGas. As this is our third time partnering with SoCalGas, we can already anticipate that the […]

Continued Partnership with Hitachi

We are proud to continue our partnership with Hitachi to bring more STEM education to schools that otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology. Last year with Hitachi’s sponsorship, Omni Nano offered seven workshops at El Segundo High School. This year, we look forward to expanding our reach and working with other […]

Nano Inspiration Strikes UCLA’s Geffen Academy

Today’s workshops at Geffen Academy at UCLA were filled with pleasant surprises. We presented four workshops to a total of about 80 sixth-graders. Despite their young age, all of the students were fully engaged in the workshop and many asked quite insightful questions far beyond their years. The Academy’s mission to provide an inclusive, challenging college-preparatory […]

Fourth Year of Northrop Grumman Partnership

We are honored to continue working with Northrop Grumman to bring more STEM education to the schools in their communities, including El Segundo and Redondo Beach. This is the fourth year of our partnership and we are so grateful for the opportunities that Northrop Grumman’s continued sponsorship will provide for local students. Most careers in […]

Inspiring Future Engineers at PCC

This afternoon, Omni Nano had the pleasure of presenting a Discover Nanotechnology workshop at Pasadena City College (PCC), which has been ranked as the top community college in California and one of the top 10 in the nation. After introducing a classroom of 20 Introduction to Engineering students to the fundamentals of nanoscience and nanoengineering, […]

Alhambra High School Can’t Get Enough Nano

It’s always a pleasure to deliver workshops at Alhambra High School. Today, we presented three workshops to 90 students in Anatomy and Environmental Science classes. The students were particularly interested in how nanotechnology will impact the field of medicine. We are grateful to Edison for their continued support of these local workshops!

Riverside Youth Discover Nanotechnology

Today, for the fourth year in a row, Omni Nano presented our fun and popular Discover Nanotechnology workshops at the annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference hosted by UC Riverside. Hundreds of local high school students poured in for academic and personal inspiration, and we were honored to be able to meet and reach out to over 150 of […]

Impressive Impact – 7,000+ Students, Just the Beginning!

Omni Nano is excited to share the progress we have made presenting our Discover Nanotechnology workshops with High School students in the greater Los Angeles area. From innercity Los Angeles, San Fernando to San Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita to the South Bay, we have presented over 200 workshops to over 7,000+ inquisitive minds. We are […]

“I liked learning about all the amazing uses of Nanotechnology.”

Omni Nano recently presented 4 workshops to a total 140 students at Da Vinci Schools in El Segundo, CA. Special thanks to our partner, Northrop Grumman, for giving these students the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology. The students were actively engaged and provided positive feedback. When asked what the students liked best, their responses included: […]

Samueli Academy Aces Nanotechnology

Omni Nano always enjoys sharing Nanotechnology with the students of Samueli Academy. The Academy focuses on a “whole” student learning environment and are also using Omni Nano’s course curriculum through Canvas (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course). The Academy is a great example of bringing 21st Century Science Standards into the classroom. Thank you, Nino […]

Downtown Magnets High School Students Mesmerized

  Downtown Magnets High School hosted four workshops over two days, introducing a total of 120 students to Nanotechnology. Mr. Lee and Dr. Curreli met through UCLA’s CNSI workshops and were excited to share Omni Nano’s Introduction to Nanotechnology Workshop with Magnets. Students were amazed to learn about the intricacies of nanotechnology’s use in invisibility […]

Elementary of Nanotech

Children at birth are natural scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers. Recent research has recommended that every effort should be made to engage students in STEM education as soon as they enter elementary school. Studies have identified the elementary years as the period when students form their interests in STEM identities and careers, earlier than many people probably […]

Lakeview Charter High – NanoTech Enthusiasm

Thanks to the sponsorship of SoCalGas, Omni Nano presented 5 workshops at Lakeview Charter School to about 100 students. We received some fantastic feedback from some of the students: “What I learned is nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on atomic and molecular scales.” “My favorite thing was understanding the importance of nanotechnology and how MUCH […]

San Pedro High School Discovers Nanotechnology

Omni Nano hosted a special series of four workshops for 140 students today at San Pedro High School. What made these workshops so special? The hosting teacher, Mrs. Gina Napolitano, and one of her students, Kaiden, are on the Omni Nano team! (Gina was our former Operations Manager and Kaiden is a long-time volunteer.) We had […]

Omni Nano at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences

Today, with the generous support of SoCalGas, Omni Nano presented our Discover Nanotechnology workshops to 160 students at the Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences in Granada Hills, CA. Our STEM workshops are a fun, interactive way to introduce high school students to the cutting-edge science of nanotechnology and to inspire them to pursue an […]

Bright Star Students: “I Loved Everything About the Workshop”

With the generous support of Northrop Grumman, Omni Nano presented four workshops to a total of 140 students today at Bright Star Charter Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Many participants expressed keen interest in the medical applications of nanotechnology, such as targeted drug delivery to kill cancer cells while retaining healthy cells. One student remarked, “[I […]

100 More Local Students Get Excited about Nano!

Today, we went returned to El Segundo High School for a second day this week to provide an additional three Discover Nanotechnology workshops to over 100 students. We are grateful for the generous support of the Hitachi Company’s Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC)! El Segundo High School has expressed strong interest in bringing Omni […]

Hitachi Sponsors Workshops in El Segundo

This morning, Omni Nano educators headed to El Segundo High School to present four back-to-back Discover Nanotechnology workshops to over 140 students, thanks to the generous support of the Hitachi Company through their Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC). The students were captivated by the popular workshop, engaged by the connections they saw between the […]

New Series of 30+ Workshops – New Opportunities

Omni Nano is excited for our upcoming workshop series, thanks to the support of corporate sponsors like: Hitachi, Northrop Grumman, and So Cal Gas. “Educating young people about the exciting world of nanotechnology is our mission and we are so grateful to our corporate sponsors who help make this a reality,” Dr. Marco Curreli, Executive […]

4th Year at the Adelante Young Men Conference

For the fourth consecutive year, Dr. Marco Curreli of Omni Nano presented at the Adelante! Young Men Conference. Dr. Curreli’s workshop, titled Nanotechnology: You and Your Future, highlighted the revolutionary advancements that are being made through Nanotechnology within numerous industries. AYM provides young men with tools for personal and professional growth, challenge them to raise […]

National Nanotechnology Day & Bresee Youth Center

October 9th was National Nanotechnology Day and Omni Nano went to the Bresee Youth Center to share the exciting applications that are available through nanotechnology. Dr. Curreli commented: “It’s always a pleasure to offer my workshops at Bresee. My first workshop here was in 2014 and then I volunteered to teach a class on Friday […]

Valencia High School student: “I can think of millions of possibilities”

Omni Nano held its annual nanotechnology workshop at Valencia High School this morning, sponsored by the Gamma Alloys Community Service Program.  Gamma Alloys develops ultra-strong, lightweight alloy materials that have the potentials to disrupt the aerospace, automotive, and many other niche industries. Not only did students receive a hands-on presentation about nanotechnology, but they also held a […]

GOALS for Girls – No Limits in Nano!

Today, Omni Nano presented its online version of “Discover Nanotechnology” to 25 young women visiting Nanotronics, as part of the “GOALS for Girls” program at the Intrepid Museum (NY). GOALS for Girls are year-round programs that include internships, weekend forums, and the GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive program, offering female students, their families, and their […]

Students Participate in Nanotech Workshop at Heritage Christian School

Students at the Heritage Christian High School in North Hills, California, took part in our hands on nanoscience workshop today. Students learned about the super repellent cloth coated in nanoparticles, and it was highly popular. These students enjoyed testing out the cloth for themselves, and learned about the many uses for nanotechnology! We hope we inspired […]

Omni Nano Inspires STEM Students at Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference

It’s now becoming an annual event to present our nanotechnology workshops at the Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference, hosted at the University of California Riverside. This year, it was the 28th year of the conference. We offered two workshops to underrepresented students interested in STEM. We had a great attendance and students were excited to receive […]

Omni Nano Sparks Student Interest in Nanotech before Spring Course

Omni Nano brought its Discover Nanoscience workshop to West LA College just a few weeks before starting a formal pilot course. This workshop was designed to expose potential students who are interested in STEM to Nanotechnology, and we hope they will be inspired to enroll in the course to learn more about Nanotechnology and how it can […]

Students Taking Nanoquizzes are Enjoying Omni Nano’s Gadgets

An engaging part of our workshop is the “nano quiz,” where students have fun answering questions related to the topics presented during the workshop. Often times, the hosting teachers give students extra credit points for taking our quiz. Our education team then grades the quizzes and submit the scores to the hosting teachers. Every 30 […]

Preparing Leaders in STEM: Don Bosco Tech Learns Nanotech

Today, Omni Nano hosted a Nanotechnology workshop at the Don Bosco Technical High School, a school that aims to develop and prepare students to be leaders in STEM. The students participated in the usual hands-on interactive demos, and learned about how nanoscience is applied and how it is important. This dynamic learning approach is a […]

STEM Students Learn About Nanoscience at MSCP High School

Today we offered our Nanotechnology Workshop at the Math and Science College Preparatory (MSCP) High School in Los Angeles. About 25 students attended and had hands-on learning experience with demonstrations. They also learned about how Nanotechnology can be applied to medicine and everyday life. The addition of nanotechnology curriculum can enrich students’ education and spark […]

STEM Group at West Angeles Church Learns about Nanotech

Omni Nano was recently invited to present nanotechnology to the STEM program at the West Angeles Church in Los Angeles. The audience was a mix of kids and parents, ranging all ages. This workshop explained nanotechnology is and its importance, and everyone was eager to learn more. They had a lot of questions about the application […]

Nanotech “Could Make the World into a Much Safer Place in the Future”

Today, Omni Nano gave a Nanotechnology Workshop at the Oxford Academy in the Greater Los Angeles Area to about 25 students. These students learned about applications of nanotechnology and also took part in demonstrations that allowed for innovative, creative, independent thinking and active learning. Here is what some of the students had to say about […]

Omni Nano Presents Nanotechnology at Adelante Young Men Conference

Omni Nano presented an interactive workshop for the 2016 Adelante Young Men Conference in Pasadena, CA. About 70-80 young men in middle and high school from diverse backgrounds took part in the workshop to learn about nanotechnology and its importance and appplication, along with other educational workshops to enhance their educational experiences and inspire their […]

Omni Nano hosts 150 Nanotechnology Workshops

With our recent visit to Valencia High School in Valencia, CA, Omni Nano has now hosted 150 workshops for STEM students in Greater Los Angeles Area, Southern California, and Texas, Washington D.C., and New York! Our interactive and hands-on demonstrations allow students to apply what they learn and better understand nanoscience and its importance. We […]

Omni Nano’s 150th Nanotech Workshop Gives STEM Students Interactive Edge

Today, Students at Valencia High School in Valencia, CA participated in Omni Nano’s 150th Nanotechnology workshop, where they got hands-on interactive experience with the demonstrations. Students were extremely interested in our nanoscience presentation and they learned about applications to various fields in STEM and medicine. The materials and demonstrations presented allow for effective and innovative […]

Medical Interns at Children’s Hospital Learn Nanotech

We offered our nanotechnology workshop to 30 summer interns at the MI3 Internship Program at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), in Orange, CA. Students’ ages ranged from 14-22, from high school to post grad, and we had a very interactive conversation about Nanotechnology and its intersection with medicine.

Continuing to inspire the kids of “Monday at the Mission”

We continue to inspire the kids of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, CA to study STEM fields, including nanotechnology. We encourage them to become knowledgeable in science and engineering, for the benefit of their future professional life and prepare them for careers. About 20 students and mentors attended the workshop, and the students […]

Omni Nano has Inspired Over 5,000 students in STEM!

Since the inception of our Discover Nanotechnology Program in the fall 2013, this program has been growing exponentially! As of July 2016, we have offered 145 workshops and inspired over 5,000!! We have worked with 66 schools, after school programs, and youth conferences. We have been invited to go back by every institution visited!   […]

Thank you, Edison, for inspiring over 1,000 students!

For 3 years in a row, Omni Nano has been proudly sponsored, in part, by a Community Grant from Edison International.  Through their generosity, Edison has allowed us to deliver 27 Discover Nanotechnology workshops free of charge to the community, igniting a passion for nanotechnology and STEM in over 1,135 students. We want to say thank you, Edison, for all […]

Over 100 Students Inspired in Nanotechnology/STEM in Texas

Thank you so much to Dr. Mike, our instructor collaborator located in Texas, for offering our workshops in the Lone Star State. Dr. Mike presented four different workshops to over 100 junior students enrolled in a summer camp at Jack Hays High School in Buda, TX.

Omni Nano Wows Culver City Students with Nanotechnology Demos

Omni Nano’s workshops have been well-received at the Culver City High School, in Culver City, CA. After our three workshops on May 27th, we were asked to present to the AP Biology Class (two workshops, 70 students total) and to the Middle School STEM classes (one workshop to 70 students). As usual, our super-hydrophobic demonstration […]

“My favorite part was learning the applications of nanotechnology”

We have presented 4 of our workshops to a total of 140 students at University Senior High School in Los Angeles, CA. We were particularly interested in offering our workshops at University Senior, as next year there is going to be a nanotechnology course on schedule. We certainly helped promoting nanotechnology among the students. One […]

Culver City High: “I’m all about helping the world.”

We presented three of our nanotechnology workshops to the AP Chemistry students at Culver City High School in Culver City, CA. A total of about 70 students and visitors attended. Some of students’ comments include: “Nanotechnology sounds amazing, I’ll definitely add it to the list of fields I’d consider pursuing.” “I’m all about helping the […]

Nanotech at the 27th Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference

For the third year in a row, Omni Nano presented at the 27th Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference, hosted on the University of California, Riverside, campus. This year, we presented two workshops to a combined audience of about 240 students and a few parents/teachers. Every participant received a unique giveaway: a piece of cotton canvas that does […]

Super Cool Super Hydrophobic Nanotech Giveaway

Thank you so much to our sponsors, Ultra Tech International and Bourns College of Engineering at UCR, for supporting the creation of giveaway cloth that will be given to the students attending our workshops at the 27th Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference at the University of California, Riverside! These cloths are unique! They look like a […]

Learning About Nanotechnology During Career Day in Long Beach

Omni Nano took part in the “Technology” Session of the Career Day at Saint Anthony High School in Long Beach, CA. Students coming to this session were already interested in STEM majors and STEM professional careers, but the majority of them did not know much about nanotechnology, its many applications, and the availability of jobs […]

Presenting Nanotechnology to the Biotechnology Classes

After our successful workshops last year, we’ve been invited to present again at the Heritage Christian School in North Hills, CA. We offered two workshops to the students in the biotechnology classes, to a total of 35 students, and sparked their interest in nanotechnology and its real world applications.

Bringing Nanotech to the Union Rescue Mission

This was our 3rd time presenting to the kids of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles through the Monday at the Mission program. About 20 students and mentors attended the workshop, and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about the impact and applications of nanotechnology through hands-on demos.

STEM Students Learn about Jobs in Nanotech at Career Day

A number of students were considering STEM majors and STEM professional careers, but the majority of them did not know much about nanotechnology, its many applications, and the availability of jobs in this sector. Omni Nano was there to open their eyes and realize their dreams at the recent Career Day! We offered two shorter […]

Presenting Nanotech at Schurr High School for the 3rd Year in a Row!

Our workshops at Schurr High School within the Montebello Unified School District in Montebello, CA, are now an annual event. We have been presenting there for the third year in a row. We offered 5 workshops to the engineering and biology classes, to a combined number of 140 students. Some of the students’ comments include: […]

“I’m in shock that this sort of thing exists!” Nanotech Wows in Granada Hills

Omni Nano brought our Nanotechnology workshops to the Valley Academy of Arts and Science in Granada Hills, CA. These workshops were requested by two teachers who regularly attend the nanoscience teacher training at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA. We inspired 185 students this morning in Nanotechnology, its future, applications, and career options! Teacher […]

Over 130 Students Attended Nanotech Workshops

We started our partnership with Freeport-McMoran Oil&Gas by visiting Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. We offered three workshops to a combined audience of 135 students, teachers, and visitors, where they learned about the applications and importance of Nanotechnology in addition to the potential for careers in STEM! Workshops sponsored by Freeport-McMoRan

“Nano” goes to Lincoln Heights Boys and Girls Club to teach Nanotech

Omni Nano had the chance to go to the Lincoln Heights Boys and Girls Club, and was able to inspire a group of 25 middle school kids in nanotechnology. The future of these young creative innovators is ensuring the future success of the Northeast Los Angeles area. A students exclaimed:  “I want to work for […]

Who Knows Nano Now: 50+ Students from the Boys & Girls Clubs #LearnNano

The partnership with Time Warner Cable under their “Connect a Million Minds” initiative is in full swing. With schools back from winter break, we are back to visiting Boys & Girls Clubs around Los Angeles to show everyone what “magic” nanotechnology has in store for our future. Last week, we visited the Boys & Girls Club […]

Omni Nano’s Nanotechnology Delivers Big Results Online

Dr. Curreli was invited to speak at Laurel Springs High School’s Meetings with “Remarkable Men and Women” webinar series. OmniNano’s first online seminar drew an impressive audience of over 100 students, who were actively engaged for over an hour.  School administrators were equally enthusiastic by the presentations overall success. Founded in 1991, Laurel Springs Online […]

Nano Road Trip: Not Even Snow Will Stop Our Mission

We braved the cold and snow to give 2 workshops at Rim of the World High School up in Lake Arrowhead, CA. It was absolutely beautiful and we were happy to bring nanotechnology to the students there by crashing their Physics class for the day. We think the success of the workshop can simply be […]

Nanotechnology and Modern Medicine: STEM workshop highlights

Bravo Medical Magnet High School is located in the proximity of the USC Health Science campus in Los Angeles, CA, and thus it is no surprise that their focus is on heath care. We definitely showed the 35 participating students how much nanotechnology there is in modern medicine. This workshop was a followup from the […]

Omni Nano Gives Our 100th Workshop for Nanotechnology

For today’s workshops, we were hosted by Mr. Nino, a physics teacher we met at UCLA during the nanoscience teacher training, at the Bright Star Charter Academy in Los Angeles, CA.  We offered two workshops to a total of 65 students. This was a special occasion for two reasons: 1) We got to present our […]

Inspiring Students with Nanotech in West Hollywood

After the successful nanotechnology workshop we offered last year and the impact we had on the students, we were given the opportunity to go back and present nanotechnology to the new physics class at the Pacific Hills School in West Hollywood, CA. This time, 25 students attended and got inspired by nanotechnology, learning about the […]

Great Enthusiasm for Nanotech at South El Monte High

“Because of this workshop I now have a greater understanding of nanotechnology and will now take nano engineering into consideration when I get out of college.” – 11th grade student Comments like those keep us coming back… Once again, we visited South El Monte High School in El Monte, CA, for a series of Discover […]

A Day Full of Nanotechnology for Alhambra High School STEM Students

It’s always great to present at Alhambra High School, in Alhambra, CA. It was truly a day full of nanotechnology, starting with period 1 and ending with the USC MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) after school program. We offered 6 workshops to about 240 students, who were all inspired and excited to learn about the potentials […]

El Segundo High Students Intrigued by Nanotech Workshop

After El Segundo High School’s enthusiastic response to our Discover Nanotechnology workshops last year in El Segundo, CA, we were invited back to deliver another round of workshops today.  We presented two workshops to about 50 engineering students and, as usual, the classes enjoyed learning about superhydrophobic surfaces the most.  One student imagined how water-repellent […]

Young STEM Minds Discover “Nano”

Continuing our series of workshops at the Boys & Girls Clubs, this time at the West Valley Club in Canoga Park. We are bringing nanotech to LA Boys & Girls Clubs with support from Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds program. The students were great and really excited about getting their hands on our […]

Inspiring Physics Students in Nanotechnology in West Hollywood

Pacific Hills School in West Hollywood, CA is a co-educational, college-preparatory independent school that serves a diverse student population in grades 6-12. The 20-student Physics class really enjoyed today’s 45-minute workshop, and the host teacher can’t wait to have us back again: “Dr. Marco was kind enough to offer his time to present on our […]

Omni Nano Kicks Off a Week in D.C. with Nanotech Workshops

With the 15th Annual NanoBCA Roundtable and the White House Forum on Small Business Challenges to Commercializing Nanotechnology all happening in Washington D.C. this week, Omni Nano’s founder Dr. Marco Curreli made the most out of his trip by scheduling local workshops. First stop: two workshops (60 and 90 minutes) for 60 Engineering students and […]

Ending the School Year with a “Taste of Nano”

Our 50-minute workshop, presented to 30 STEM students and educators this afternoon at the Yeshiva University High School in West Los Angeles, was a huge hit. Students learned about the importance and applications of STEM and the numerous career options and opportunities! Check out what some of the students had to say: “I thought the […]

Omni Nano Presents an “Amazing,” “Cool,” “Phenomenal” Workshop to Engineers

Once again, Omni Nano presented three 55-minute workshops for 85 Engineering students — what a feat – at El Segundo High School in El Segundo, CA! Even more amazing was the praise received from the hosting teacher: “At El Segundo High School we have an engineering program that is in its fifth year and has […]

Omni Nano is back at Bresee with Popular Demand!

After the huge success of our first full-semester nanotechnology course at the Bresee Youth Center in Los Angeles, we are so excited to be invited back to introduce nanotech to another enthusiastic group of young learners! The Bresee Foundation has a 30-year history of providing comprehensive after-school programs and family services for underprivileged and underrepresented […]

Middle School Students Now Learning About Nanotechnology

30 students in the Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program at Culver City Middle School attended today’s 50-minute workshop.

“Boy Power” at the 4th Annual Adelante Young Men Conference

About 200 boys and young men participated in Omni Nano’s two 55-minute workshops presented at the 2014 4th Annual Adelante! Young Men (AYM) Conference in Pasadena, CA. The AYM Conference provides middle and high school boys the tools they need for personal and professional growth, challenges them to raise their expectations, promotes leadership, and encourages them to pursue […]

Students Discover Nanotechnology in the Palm of their Hand. Their Reaction? Amazing!

10 high school students and educators gathered at the Bresee Youth Center in Los Angeles for a 90-minute workshop presented by Omni Nano. Students were excited and inspired by the workshop, and saw the interdisciplinary aspects and applications of nanotechnology. We hope our workshops continue to inspire future scientists to shape the next generation workforce […]

The Bridges Program Brings a Nanotech Course to New West Charter High

The Bridges Program at New West Charter High School in Los Angeles brings a Nanotechnology course to their Science Curriculum, enriching student learning and expanding their knowledge beyond traditional science curricula. STEM education and the addition of a Nanoscience curriculum prepares and inspires students to pursue  STEM majors and future careers. Omni Nano’s Nanotechnology Curriculum […]

Double Discovery Day of Nanotech at Milken High School

Omni Nano presented not one but two 65-minute workshops to the 25 Research students at Milken High School today in Los Angeles, CA, adding to the science education of these bright students and inspiring innovative and creative thinking! Milken Community Schools develops students with sharp minds, generous hearts, and kind souls on the foundation of the […]

Latino Youth Inspired by Nanotechnology at UC Riverside Youth Conference

Over 70 students packed in for our 55-minute workshop at the 25th Annual Chicano/Latino Youth Conference, hosted at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). We were impressed with the excitement and engagement at the workshop, and were happy to help inspire students to pursue STEM majors, learn about future careers, and promote innovative and creative […]

Omni Nano Premieres Revolutionary “Discover Nanotechnology” Workshop

Omni Nano premiered its revolutionary “Discover Nanotechnology” workshop today to the Nano Club at Taft High School in Woodland Hills!  Over 40 students attended the introductory presentation and were excited to learn more about how this field of nanoscience is accelerating and improving current technologies! We are happy to start our pursuit in educating and inspiring […]

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